The Christian Poses Tough Questions to the Atheist

The UFO galaxy, discovered in 1788

Here’s a list of ten questions that a Christian thinks are better answered by Christianity than by atheism. Let’s take a look. [Read more...]

Christianity Can’t be Deduced from Nature

11 megaton thermonuclear bomb test on Bikini Atoll in 1954.

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world with no evidence of Christianity. Could it be recreated? [Read more...]

Mormonism Beats Christianity—Or Does It? (2 of 2)

Fragment of Book of Abraham (papyrus)

Let’s look at the other side of the issue. What does the skeptic say about the truth of Mormonism? And what lessons can we learn about what makes a successful religion? [Read more...]

Mormonism Beats Christianity—Or Does It?

Nice, clean-cut Mormon boys

Run through the list of arguments for the evidence of Christianity, and you’ll find that the Mormon evidence trumps each one. If Christians are serious about these arguments, must they then accept Mormonism? [Read more...]

Dating Advice: the FIRST Thing to Figure Out in a Relationship

The mysterious girlfriend who died

Remember the strange story of football player Manti Teʻo and his imaginary girlfriend? How could he have been fooled? And how can Christians be similarly fooled about their imaginary friend? [Read more...]

It’s Funny Until Someone Gets Hurt, then it’s Hilarious

Yes, dinosaurs and people lived together (in Ken Ham's imaginary world)

There is a bit of malicious joy in sitting at the sidelines watching nutty Christian extremists make their nutty anti-science statements. Turns out that there’s a lot more harm to the Christian community than simply making fools of themselves. [Read more...]

A Convincing Holy Book? Not Possible.

A fragment of the Voynich manuscript, still untranslated

Consider this thought experiment. I doubt it would convince a Christian to change his religion … but shouldn’t it? [Read more...]

25,000 New Testament Manuscripts? Big Deal.

Papyrus P52, the oldest manuscript fragment of the New Testament

When the conversation turns to the reliability of the New Testament, the number of manuscript copies is likely to enter the conversation. 25,000 copies. Wow—that is indeed a lot. But that’s irrelevant. [Read more...]

F-ing Magnets—How do THEY Work?

Juggalo (that is, a fan of the hip hop band Insane Clown Posse)

This meme comes from a song that celebrates wonder at the universe but also celebrates ignorance. Christians sometimes wallow in a similar ignorance when it suits them. Magnets are actually quite well understood, as is much of the rest of reality. We can thank science, not religion. [Read more...]

Limitations in Historical Analysis of the New Testament (2 of 2)

Part of P45, the oldest copy of Mark (roughly 250 CE)

The New Testament has several important disputed passages (such as the long ending of Mark). Let’s take a look at how historians have resolved these puzzles. The evidence is a little more precarious than one might hope, however. What does this tell us about the unresolved puzzles? [Read more...]