What Would Jesus Do? Ask different Christians, and you’ll get different answers. What good is this slogan? Read more

Can we find astronomical evidence for the Star of Bethlehem? Here are the 4 phenomena that the magi supposedly saw in the sky at the time of the birth of Jesus. Read more

Can we find astronomical evidence for the Star of Bethlehem? A popular video says that we can. Read more

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Here are ten tough questions every thoughtful Christian must answer. In fact, Christians do answer them, poorly. But there’s a far simpler answer that makes much more sense of the data. Read more

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The crazy guy with the tinfoil hat? Today, he’s concerned about the NSA. Decades past, it was telepathic intrusion. Religion also changes with the times and technology, and that suggests that it’s just as fanciful. Read more

Seeing our own mistakes makes it easier to sympathize when others are wrong. But how do we encourage someone to get past a big mistake, like a flawed worldview? Read more

A Christian blogger has a new argument for Jesus. It gets points for being novel, but take a look to see if it’s convincing. Read more

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