It’s Easter week, so let’s get critiquing a list of myths about the resurrection (2 of 5). Read more

It’s Easter week, so let’s get critiquing a list of myths about the resurrection. Read more

Has Donald Trump opened Pandora’s Box of hateful ideas? Read more

I will be participating in a public debate on the question “Is it reasonable to believe in God?” this Saturday (March 19, 2016) at 6:30 pm near Port Townsend, Washington. I’ll be debating local a Christian apologist, and I will obviously be arguing for the negative side of the question. Opponent Rob van de Weghe has a similar background to my own. He has a Masters degree in electrical engineering and computer science (1982) from a university in the Netherlands…. Read more

A rabbi tries but fails to understand atheists’ anger. Let’s take a look at his guesses to see where they fail. Read more

Dinesh D’Souza is perplexed by those darn angry atheists. What’s got atheists so worked up? Let me count the ways … Read more

A chapter in 1 Corinthians makes perhaps Paul’s clearest summary of Christian theology, but his views don’t match those of many Christians. Read more

In the list of atheists who’ve noisily turned their backs on atheism, philosopher Antony Flew is near the top. I don’t question that Flew became a deist. What I question is how relevant his example is. Read more

I gotta admit—the Prodigal Son story is one of the good ones. The love and compassion shown by the father sets the bar for the rest of us very high. But if that’s the Bible’s standard for forgiveness, why doesn’t God follow it? Read more

Jesus performs miracles in the Bible, but are they really all that impressive? Compare them to what we can do with boring old technology, and they may not stand up. Read more

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