500 Eyewitnesses to the Risen Christ? Not Likely.

A fragment of manuscript P46, a papyrus collection of many of the New Testament epistles. It was written in about 200CE.

The apostle Paul claims that 500 people saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion. This claim is popular among apologists who imagine this as strong evidence that the crucifixion is historical. However, this argument crumbles under scrutiny. [Read more...]

A Critique of 1 Corinthians 15

Fragment of 1 Corinthians 15 from Codex Sinaiticus

This chapter in Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth makes perhaps Paul’s clearest summary of Christian theology, but Paul’s views don’t match those of many Christians. [Read more...]

Shroud of Turin: An Easter Miracle?

Shroud of Turin closeup

What are we to make of the Shroud of Turin? Is it a miracle or a fake? [Read more...]

The Curious Case of Antony Flew

atheist now deist antony flew book not convincing

In the list of atheists who’ve noisily turned their backs on atheism, philosopher Antony Flew is near the top. I don’t question that Flew became a deist. What I question is how relevant his example is. [Read more...]

Unintended Consequences of the Prodigal Son Story

Why can't God follow the example of the prodigal son parable?

I gotta admit—the Prodigal Son story is one of the good ones. The love and compassion shown by the father sets the bar for the rest of us very high. But if that’s the Bible’s standard for forgiveness, why doesn’t God follow it? [Read more...]

Jesus: Just One More Dying and Rising Savior

Odin sacrificed himself to himself (the highest god) by hanging from a tree. Illustration by Lorenz Frølich (1895).

Mythology has many precedents to the story of the resurrection of Jesus. Let’s look at some of these gods and see if they stand up to the challenge. [Read more...]

Women at the Tomb Are Weak Evidence for the Resurrection

Women discover the tomb empty

Apologists love to bring up the women at the tomb. Women weren’t reliable witnesses in Jewish culture at the time, so why would the gospel authors place them there if the story weren’t true? However, a little scrutiny unravels this story. [Read more...]

Magic vs. Technology

Promotional poster for Thurston the magician (1915)

Jesus performs miracles in the Bible, but are they really all that impressive? Compare them to what we can do with boring old technology, and they may not stand up. [Read more...]

Contradictions in the Resurrection Account

A Swiss Army knife with dozens of crazy "blades"

How many days did Jesus teach after his resurrection? Was it 40 days as Acts says or less than one as Luke says? Matthew writes about an earthquake that opened graves and sent reanimated corpses walking around Jerusalem. Why didn’t the other gospels write about this remarkable event? These and many more contradictions make us wonder if the gospel account is history or merely legend. [Read more...]

Religion is to Science as Homeopathy is to Medicine

How reliable are the medicine or cures in the Bible Jesus New Testament

Look at the different healing miracles Jesus does in the gospels. Are they any more effective than debunked alternative medicines? [Read more...]