The Childish Faith of John Lennox

Not a great defense of Christianity (apologetics)

Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox is an energetic defender of Christianity, but a recent interview on the Problem of Evil suggests that his mathematical proofs may be a lot stronger than his Christian ones. [Read more...]

Quest for the Simplest Explanation

Something’s missing here …

Pick an important leader in any field. Now imagine a detailed history that omits that central figure. You’d notice the absence, right? We’re told that God is a central figure in reality—let’s try the same thought experiment with him. [Read more...]

How Religious are Americans? Not as Much as You Think.

Praying hands (in marble)

Americans are famously religious when compared to other countries in the West. But new studies have peeked behind the curtain to determine how religious Americans really are. It turns out that they’re not as religious as we thought. [Read more...]

A Biblical Foundation for American Freedoms?

What should happen if you violated the tenth commandment

Some Christian history revisionists eagerly claim biblical precedents for the pioneering rights that the U.S. Constitution. But compare it with the Ten Commandments and the differences become clear. [Read more...]

How to Invent a Plausible God

Chair balancing

Religions walk a fine line between promising too little and promising too much. Too little and no one cares; too much and you get found out. But there’s a surprising advantage to contradictions in your religion’s story. [Read more...]

Why Pretend That There Is a Soul?

Neuroscience, brain, mind, and soul

Research from neuroscience and physics show that there is no good reason to imagine that souls actually exist. We’ll start with the guy in the photo. A blasting accident shot an iron rod through his head, but he survived to give science early evidence of the mind/brain connection. [Read more...]

National Day of Actually DOING Something

National Day of Prayer

Prayer is easy. Doing something is hard. Let’s be adults and realize that prayer does nothing more than make people feel good. Wouldn’t a National Day of Actually DOING Something be more effective than a National Day of Prayer? [Read more...]

Does Prayer Actually, Y’know, WORK?

Sand drains through fingers (like time)

The National Day of Prayer approacheth, which means that it’s a good time to critique the value of prayer. [Read more...]

Ever Want to Take a Philosophy Class?

“A Philosopher” (1635), inset

Dan Fincke, philosopher and atheist blogger, is offering private philosophy classes. [Read more...]

Televangelists Show Prayer is Useless

Linus gullibly awaits the Great Pumpkin (yet again)

Televangelists always ask for your prayers, but they always ask for lots of cash as well. What does this tell us about what supports their show? Maybe they’re a lot smarter than they seem. [Read more...]