A popular evangelical Christian wrestles with the Problem of Evil. He’s confident that he’s got this persistent problem under control. Take a look and see if that optimism is well placed. Read more

Christian apologists sometimes argue for objective moral wrong by pointing to the Holocaust as an example. With a little thought, however, that argument turns out to be very embarrassing for the Christian position. Read more

I argue that we are obliged to accept the consensus in a scientific field of which we’re not a part, but not everyone is happy with that approach. Let’s at one argument for how to dismiss an annoying scientific consensus. Read more

Is a scientific consensus inconvenient? Then just handwave a reason to reject it! Though this is a popular response to unwanted scientific conclusions, it is intellectually indefensible. Read more

Imagine a gunman in a college classroom. One by one, he goes through the students, demanding to know if they are Christian. He kills each who say they are. One Christian blogger says that Christians can’t lie if faced with this situation. Read more

How do you describe the relationship between you and Jesus? It’s similar to an ordinary person-to-person relationship … or so goes the popular analogy. Think about it for a moment, however, and this analogy falls apart. Read more

Podcaster J. Warner Wallace has pushed back against my “Scientist Thinking vs. Lawyer Thinking” post. Let’s give him a hearing. Read more

We conclude our critique of the moral argument in “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.” Read more

One more shopping day before the Apocalypse! Let’s try to infer from John Hagee’s weak argument what’s supposed to actually happen. Read more

We’re just a few days away from the slow-motion warning that God has reportedly been sending us for the last year and a half. Here’s the latest from the front lines of the Apocalypse. Read more

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