Bible Contradictions to the Trinity

Shell + yolk + white = egg

The definition of the Trinity is clear about the equality in majesty of the three persons of the Trinity. But does the Bible agree? Consider a number of verses that call this equality into question. [Read more...]

God Has Many Names, But Do We Need One More?

What does the Trinity put here?

Aren’t we missing a fourth name? Father + Son + Holy Spirit = who? Here’s why “The Trinity” doesn’t work. [Read more...]

The Long, Strange Story of the Trinity

Borromean Rings, interlocked only when all three are present

Muslims have it figured out: there is no god but Allah. That’s it. But it took centuries for Christians to cobble together the idea of the Trinity, picking it among many plausible alternatives. They admit that it’s not understandable. Let’s take a closer look at this contradictory doctrine. [Read more...]

Christianity Can Rot Your Brain

Religious violence

God commands a lot of genocide in the Bible. Apparently feeling compelled to justify the savagery of his favorite deity, apologist William Lane Craig actually argues that the slaughter was justified and righteous. [Read more...]

Magician Uri Geller Teaches Much About Bible Miracles

Spoon bending—paranormal gift or parlor trick?

Those who make paranormal claims have a lot to teach us about the Bible and its supernatural claims. The apologetics from both camps are surprisingly similar. [Read more...]

William Lane Craig Doesn’t Believe in Objective Moral Values

Guest post by avalon

William Lane Craig has linked the existence of God to the existence of objective moral values. He’s also given us a definition for those values, but is that definition objectively true? Let’s put it to the test … [Read more...]

A Powerful Defense of Reason … or Maybe Not

I received a letter

Some Christians argue both sides of the reason issue. Is it God’s greatest gift or is it the devil’s whore as Martin Luther argued? Here is the thinking from an experience pastor. [Read more...]

Post #333!


Wow—that’s a lot of posts! Let’s pause for a moment and take stock of what we’ve all accomplished. [Read more...]

Why We Disagree on Moral Issues

Boy who lost hand in Darfur

Back and forth we go, arguing about who’s right on moral issues. I know of no easy solution to that problem, but I can offer insights into WHY liberals and conservatives differ. The key is seeing the individual components of morality. [Read more...]

Predictions for the End of the World

End of the world predictions

How common are end-times predictions? Perhaps more common than you think. “The end is nigh!” is a prediction with much backpedaling. [Read more...]