The Bible’s Confused Relationship with Science (2 of 2)

The Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction, a nonlinear chemical oscillator, in a Petri dish

Modern science? It’s been in the Bible all along, and we just didn’t have the faith to see it! Let’s wrap up the investigation of this bold claim. [Read more...]

The Bible’s Confused Relationship with Science

Spiral galaxy M101

Christian apologists eagerly point out the many places where the Bible gives us new science that was unknown to the ancients. Well, what would you expect for a book inspired by the omniscient creator of the universe? Let’s investigate. [Read more...]

God’s Kryptonite

Abrams tank (U.S. Army)

If anything is unchanging, God should be. But our picture of God (all powerful, omniscient, omnipresent) doesn’t represent the God we find in the Old Testament. Back in God’s youth, he was a lot weaker than he is now. Consider two examples from the Bible. [Read more...]

25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 11)

That's disgusting

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments (part 11). [Read more...]

New Commenting System: Welcome to World Table

Giraffes talking

Change is inevitable, and we have a new commenting system that should make life difficult for trolls and other obnoxious commenters. [Read more...]

Response to My Position on Abortion

Anencephalic human fetus

A blogger has responded to my spectrum argument about abortion. Here’s my response. [Read more...]

Christianity Is a Hospital, and Sinners Are Ill (Or Not)

Johannesburg hospital ward, 1905

Well of course Christians are imperfect—everyone’s imperfect! That’s why the Church is like a hospital. It’s full of imperfect people striving to get better. (Let’s take apart this weak metaphor.) [Read more...]

Parallels to Christians’ Selective Use of Science

Advanced Test Reactor at Idaho National Laboratory (the blue glow is Cherenkov radiation)

Let’s give Christianity a break for a moment and look at a typically liberal attitude in which there is selective use of science. What parallels do we find with Christians’ unscientific attitudes? [Read more...]

Argument from Design BUSTED!

U.S. Rube Goldberg stamp, 1995

DNA is marvelously complicated, but mere complexity can make us miss the real issues. When we examine DNA and the sloppy way it’s put together, the Argument from Design collapses. We’ll also consider Christian defenses of the argument. [Read more...]

Atheism Fails Because There Is No Ultimate Justice?


A Christian apologist argues that justice shows the validity of Christianity. There is no ultimate justice for the atheist, which conflicts with the existence of objective morality; therefore, atheism fails. Let’s dissect the logic here. [Read more...]