The Curious Tale of the Angel of Mons

The stories of William Tell, King Arthur, and Robin Hood might have legendary elements. These stories happened long ago, so it’s hard to tell. But don’t think that the supernatural can’t corrupt modern history as well. [Read more…]

8 Reasons to Reject C. S. Lewis’s Argument from Desire

The Argument from Desire is easy to understand and has an intuitive feel. Let’s look at it skeptically to see if it holds up. [Read more…]

Debate Aftermath

Some thoughts on the recent debate with Christian apologist Rand Wagner. [Read more…]

Fallible Memories and the Development of Legend

Human memory is unreliable, and a confident memory may not be an accurate one. Take a look at a few examples to see how weak the Christian claim is that the gospels have a reliable foundation. [Read more…]

When Christian Arguments Backfire

Here’s a clever Christian argument to respond to the problem of biblical contradictions. Let’s see if it gets the job done … or blows up in the Christian apologist’s face. [Read more…]

Upcoming Debate on God’s Existence 11/15/14

Do you live in the western Washington? In a week, I have a debate on the topic, “Does God exist?” [Read more…]

How Decades of Oral Tradition Corrupted the Gospels

We delude ourselves if we imagine that the Jesus story was transferred from person to person in pre-scientific Palestine any more reliably than stories travel orally today. The transmission of the gospel was more like gossip than Homer. [Read more…]

I’ve Seen the Future of the Church

A few months ago, I visited a remarkable church. Let me tell you about it. [Read more…]

When Christianity Was in Charge, This Is What We Got

We’ve given Christianity a chance. It dominated Europe for over a thousand years. Christianity talks a good story about the supernatural, but here’s what happens when they talk about things that can be tested. [Read more…]

Witch Hunts, Sex Scandals, and the Atheist Community

Charges of sexual irresponsibility swirl around atheist conferences and leaders. Though an outsider to this controversy, I find a recent sex abuse case instructive. [Read more…]