Religion: Billions Into a Black Hole

What does religion produce?

Religion sucks up $100 billion in the U.S. every year. Where does that money go? Let’s compare the money flow to a similarly-sized company to see if we’re getting our money’s worth. [Read more...]

Who Cares What the Bible Says About Gays? Look What it Says About Banks!

Jesus drives out the moneychangers

Are you interested in what the Bible says about homosexuality? First, let’s be clear about what little it actually does say. Next, be consistent. Given the Bible’s concern about the sin of lending with interest is, THAT is where the Christian’s focus should be. [Read more...]

Objective Truth: Does the Bible Speak Plainly About Homosexuality?

Peaceful anti-gay protester gets beat up in a Chick tract

I’m a bit surprised that I wind up agreeing with apologist Greg Koukl on a matter of biblical interpretation. Nevertheless, that doesn’t put his argument against homosexuality in a very good light. [Read more...]

Can Christian Scholars be Objective?

Christian scholars' golden handcuffs

Christian scholar Michael Licona made one small challenge to the inerrancy of scripture, and that intellectual honest cost him his job. This shows what can happen if a Christian scholar follows the facts where they lead. More importantly, it means that anything written by Christian scholars bound by their university’s statement of faith, is suspect. [Read more...]

Christianity Needs Promotion, Like Soft Drinks

T-shirt with “I’m a Pepper” slogan

Would you spend unpaid time helping a soda company increase its market share? If not, why do it for a religion? [Read more...]

Bible Interpretation Works Like the Paul-is-Dead Rumor

Beatles’ controversial 1969 Abbey Road album

Have you heard of the clues in the Abbey Road album about Paul McCartney being dead? They weren’t put there by the Beatles themselves; they were invented by imaginative fans. What ideas were similarly invented (or ignored) by eager fans of the Bible? [Read more...]

An Inept Attempt to Dismiss the Problem of Evil

Pale rider small

Christian apologist Greg Koukl tries to turn the tables on the atheist who proposes the Problem of Evil, but his argument collapses. [Read more...]

Armageddon Within Our Lifetime? (2 of 2)

U.S. 1.85 megaton nuclear weapon test, Enewetak Atoll, 1956

Are conditions really deteriorating, with signs of the apocalypse visible to those wise enough to understand? Or do people’s natural instincts to overestimate fears (and many leaders’ instincts to fan these flames) cause them to imagine an imminent Armageddon though conditions are actually improving? [Read more...]

Armageddon Within Our Lifetime?

Book #11 in the bestselling "Left Behind" series

What fraction of Americans believe that we’re nearing the end? Perhaps a lot more than you think. Let’s consider their reasons for seeing Armageddon around the corner. [Read more...]

A God-Created World Would Look Like a ’60s Family Sitcom

There are no big problems in a “Leave It to Beaver” world

Christians must defend the messed-up world that God gave us, and sometimes they push back and demand to know what the atheist thinks would be better. I’m glad they asked, because I know what a God-created world would look like. [Read more...]