8 Lessons Learned from the Minimal Facts Argument

We’ve explored the five claims in the Minimal Facts argument for the resurrection. Now let’s try to extract the lessons learned. [Read more…]

Marriage—Designed for Procreation?

Marriage, many Christians want us to believe, is for procreation. That’s right—not companionship, not love, not even financial support. (I wonder if they know that babies don’t come from marriage but sex.) [Read more…]

Book Review of “Cross Examined”

A book review of my novel “Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey” [Read more…]

Responding to the Minimal Facts Argument for the Resurrection (2 of 2)

Let’s consider the remaining facts in the Minimal Facts argument of Gary Habermas. [Read more…]

Responding to the Minimal Facts Argument for the Resurrection

With his Minimal Facts argument, Gary Habermas hopes to make a short and sweet case for the resurrection. I’m not impressed. [Read more…]

Scholarly Consensus for the Resurrection?

Gary Habermas is well known for his case for the resurrection of Jesus. He says that most critical scholars agree with him, but his argument collapses with investigation. [Read more…]

The Irrelevant Wisdom of the Ten Commandments

What do the Ten Commandments say? Maybe not what you expect. [Read more…]

Darwin Day Response to Creationist Chick Tract

Happy birthday Charles Darwin! Let’s fillet a gospel tract that imagines that evolution is flawed. [Read more…]

What Does the New Testament Say about Homosexuality?

Several passages from the New Testament are often cited to condemn homosexuality, but these sources undercut their own credibility. [Read more…]

Evolution is Crazy, Says Man Who Thinks the Earth Was Created 6000 Years Ago, All the Animals Were Saved on a Boat Built by a 600-yo Noah, and our Loving Creator Drowned Everyone

Much could be said of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, but I’ll focus on the low points of Ken Ham’s Creationist message. [Read more…]