Creationists say the craziest things. Let’s look at some of the higher-level errors they make. Consider this a dose of Creationist vaccine. Read more

We can argue back and forth for hours about the quality of the evidence in the gospels, but let’s make this easier. Just invent the perfect miracle claim. If it’s not compelling, why image that the gospels are? Read more

Can a mechanistic view of the human brain explain consciousness or morality? Some Christian apologists say no, but they need to see these properties as emergent phenomena. Read more

A short story about a man who finds himself where he least expects to be. Read more

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments (part 10). Read more

Christians tell us that morality exists because God made it, but it doesn’t look that way. If humans can design things that are pretty much foolproof, why couldn’t God? Read more

Josephus was a Jewish historian whose first-century writings mention Jesus. Christian apologists eagerly point to two references in particular as extra-biblical evidence of the miraculous works of Jesus. We’ll investigate both to see if they hold up. Read more

Conclusion to why the popular Naysayer Hypothesis is useless. Read more

We’re told that the gospel story must be true because, if it weren’t, eyewitnesses at the time would correct it. It doesn’t work that way. Here are 13 reasons why this naysayer hypothesis is nonsense. Read more

How strong are our favorite atheist arguments? Let’s consider a list of atheist arguments that a Christian blogger says are flawed (part 4 of 4). Read more

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