This is the conclusion of a list of principles for evaluating the Bible. Read more

Throughout the gospels we read snippets about John the Baptist. Put them all together, and you have a confused portrait. (It’s almost like the gospels shouldn’t be categorized as history.) Read more

We’ve recently critiqued a Christian approach to rules for evaluating the Bible. Here is my modest proposal for some better ones. Read more

Let’s conclude our critique of 10 Christian principles to correctly evaluate the Bible. Read more

There is a nationwide movement to get “In God We Trust” displayed in public buildings. Here’s a better idea. Read more

Contrast the chaos in the Middle East with a couple of historical examples (Japan a century ago and the Islamic Golden Age). Is the Islamic world missing an opportunity? Read more

We’re continuing our critique of 10 principles to correctly evaluate the Bible. Read more

A Christian blogger, concerned about false charges of contradiction in the Bible, has proposed 10 principles to correctly evaluate the Bible. However, they may not take us where he wants us to go. Read more

A little story about life’s priorities. Read more

Christian apologists sometimes imagine that their various arguments fit together like puzzle pieces. Usually, they’re more like a house of cards. Read more

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