Old Testament Slavery—Not so Bad?

A recent podcast spent an hour responding to Dan Savage’s well-publicized public spanking of the Bible. The podcast says that Savage’s claim–that the Bible is “radically pro-slavery”–is hopelessly wrong, but the Bible itself disagrees. [Read more...]

Word of the Day: Cottingley Fairies

Though close to a century old, this hoax has lessons that remain valid today. [Read more...]

Claims that Prayer Cures Disease

Claims that prayer actually does work aren’t hard to find. Getting a plausible, evidence-based claim is much more difficult. [Read more...]

Christians as Star Trek Fans

Christians and Star Trek fans (the kind who dress up like Vulcans and Klingons) share a lot more similarities than Christians may like. [Read more...]

Word of the Day: Public Square

This term has two meanings, and politicians (deliberately?) conflate them to imagine a problem where none exists. [Read more...]

Ten Commandments have no Role in Public

Few Americans can list the Ten Commandments, but so what? What is their relevance in modern society? [Read more...]

Conference Notes

Here are some thoughts after a weekend freethought conference [Read more...]

Humor (or not): God’s Plan

A cartoon with a very pointed response to Christians’ answer to the Problem of Evil [Read more...]

Yet Another Conference …

I’m headed out to the Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference. [Read more...]

Debate: Does God Exist?

A summary of a recent local debate between a humanist and a Lutheran minister. The topic: “Does God exist?” [Read more...]