A prominent apologist succinctly summarized how the Christian worldview is better than the atheist one. Let’s take a look at how well his argument holds up. Read more

I’ll share with you a remarkable message from God to me … or perhaps it was just a curious coincidence. You decide. Read more

Is the gospel story true? That’s far too big a claim with far too little evidence to support it. But instead of attacking the Christian claims, I’ll be in the host seat this time and will propose a hypothesis to explain the facts. Read more

The Backfire Effect causes someone to double down on their position when attacked. Here are ways to correct the misinformation without triggering the Backfire Effect. Read more

When someone has a false belief, what do you do? You try to correct it, right? Be careful—your efforts may backfire. Read more

The gospel story grew with time, and the New Testament books themselves record this evolution. Read more

Let’s wrap up our critique of a Christian series of videos that reject ten myths about God. Read more

Here’s the video of my recent debate on the question, “Does God exist?” Read more

If I might be so bold, I’d like to suggest my own books as gifts this year. Read more

It’s Christmas time! Here are a few Christmas-themed posts from the vault. Read more

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