Word of the Day: Poe’s Law

How do you tell the extreme Christians like Fred Phelps from the parodies? Sometimes it’s impossible. [Read more...]

Jesus and Santa Claus

Imagine two kids arguing about Santa. Defending Santa’s existence may be easier than you imagine. Indeed, rationalization can defend just about any belief, including belief in Jesus. [Read more...]

Plantinga’s Nutty Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism

Respected Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga wants to show that the idea of evolution is self-defeating. Unfortunately, he’s outside his area of expertise. His argument hasn’t convinced biologists, and it shouldn’t convince you. [Read more...]

How Science Works (and How Christianity Thinks it Wins)

Creationists like to point to discarded ideas that science has left behind—geocentrism, Piltdown Man, ether, the steady-state universe. What they don’t seem to realize is that science’s ability to change in the face of new facts is a strength, not a weakness. [Read more...]

Word of the Day: Apologetics

It’s time we define one of the most important words in our area of interest. [Read more...]

Pointless Parables

Some of the New Testament parables are pretty good. They make a useful point, and they add to our moral vocabulary. I explore a few of the recent apologetic parables that, unfortunately, weren’t made to the same standard. [Read more...]

Churches and the Corporate Org Chart

Economic growth results from companies producing goods and services that actually help customers and that they’re willing to pay for. And companies are organized to produce those goods and services effectively and efficiently. But what about churches, which produce neither goods nor services? How are THEY organized? (This is a guest post from Richard S. Russell.) [Read more...]

Using the Monty Hall Problem to Undercut Christianity

The Monty Hall problem is a simple puzzle with a paradoxical answer. It has a lot to say about the validity of religious belief. [Read more...]

Finding Jesus Through Board Games

Let’s explore an interesting twist on a popular board game. The resulting game has the motivation of the game completely disconnected with the actions within the game, so it looks like it won’t sell too well. But this broken game parallels Christianity very closely. [Read more...]

Philosophical Grounding: A Parable

We’re told, “The atheist borrows from the Christian worldview!” But dig into this claim, and you’ll see there’s nothing there. [Read more...]