Combat Myth: The Curious Story of Yahweh and the Gods Who Preceded Him

The Combat Myth is a story that varies by culture but has common themes of order conquering chaos. We’ll see the commonality on a thousand-year journey from Akkadian mythology, through Babylonian and Ugaritic mythology, and culminating in the story of Yahweh in the Old Testament [Read more…]

How the Bible is Like Honey Boo Boo

Have you ever seen a children’s beauty pageant? Does seeing four-year-olds strutting like teenagers seem weird and out of place? That’s the problem we have when reading an Iron Age book like the Bible in our own context. [Read more…]

What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?

God has no problem killing men, women, and children, so what’s the big deal? There’s no prohibition against abortion in the Bible. And that “thou shalt not murder” thing? It’s not even in the Ten Commandments. [Read more…]

If Pro-Lifers Got into the Car Business . . .

Imagine pro-life thinking applied to the car business (a fable). [Read more…]

Where Complaints About Christian Persecution Fall Flat

Today is International Blasphemy Rights Day (remember what happened eight years ago today?). Let’s burst some claims of Christian persecution and see how the outrage can be redirected in a way that works better for all of us, Christian and atheist. [Read more…]

What the Pro-Life Position Ignores

If pregnancy wasn’t that big a deal, we could just let the pro-life movement have their way. But it is a big deal. “Just put the baby up for adoption” is remarkably ineffective, and the woman who takes an unplanned child to term is changed forever. [Read more…]

Human Memory: Vivid Doesn’t Mean Accurate

Don’t you remember where you were on 9/11? Apologists argue that the remarkable nature of the gospel story meant that it was recorded correctly. But an example shows the dramatic difference between a vivid memory and an accurate one. [Read more…]

Jesus and Vampires and Werewolves and Time Travel

How does time travel work? How do vampires interact with sunlight? Different stories have different answers, just like different religions. [Read more…]

Five Intuitive Pro-Choice Arguments

Pro-life advocates claim that a single cell and a newborn are both “babies.” Let’s test that claim with five pro-choice arguments that appeal to the emotional or intuitive side of the brain rather than the intellectual. [Read more…]

Atheist Monument Critique: Ten Commandments and Ten Punishments

A Christian contrarian is unhappy with a new atheist monument on public property. See how well his attack supports the Ten Commandments and the associated punishments. [Read more…]