What Good Is Philosophy?

It’s time to attack a sacred cow. Philosophy is a popular area for modern Christian apologists, but what good is philosophy, anyway? Read more

Homosexuality in Nature

Is homosexuality in humans an aberration? A deviation from nature? No, humans have a lot of company in this department. Read more

Biblical Marriage: Not a Pretty Picture

Do the Bible and the Church make a clear and unambiguous declaration that marriage is between a man and a woman? Nope. Our view of marriage is recent, and the Bible has some pretty crazy stuff about marriage. Read more

So How Does an ATHEIST Explain the Resurrection Story?

We’ve been debunking Gary Habermas’s claims in favor of the resurrection. But now it’s the atheist’s turn to explain the facts. Read more

8 Lessons Learned from the Minimal Facts Argument (2 of 2)

The final lessons learned from Gary Habermas’s Minimal Facts argument for the resurrection of Jesus. Read more

Movie Review: “Son of God”

I watched the latest movie that was sure to convert atheists to Christianity. Read more

8 Lessons Learned from the Minimal Facts Argument

We’ve explored the five claims in the Minimal Facts argument for the resurrection. Now let’s try to extract the lessons learned. Read more

Marriage—Designed for Procreation?

Marriage, many Christians want us to believe, is for procreation. That’s right—not companionship, not love, not even financial support. (I wonder if they know that babies don’t come from marriage but sex.) Read more

Book Review of “Cross Examined”

A book review of my novel “Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey” Read more

Responding to the Minimal Facts Argument for the Resurrection (2 of 2)

Let’s consider the remaining facts in the Minimal Facts argument of Gary Habermas. Read more

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