More reasons: we’ve looked for God, and there’s no evidence where we’d expect to find some. Read more

A Christian and an atheist debate various arguments for the truth of the Bible in this excerpt from my book Cross Examined. Read more

More reasons: unnecessary physical pain + God gets credit only for the good stuff + Man doesn’t look like the purpose of the universe. Read more

More reasons: nothing to distinguish Christians + televangelists ask for money + Christians want government help. Read more

Is war an inherent part of society or is it just an invention? If an invention, perhaps we can invent something better to replace it. Now ask the same question about religion. Read more

More reasons: Because God needs praise and worship + because there’s a map of world religions. Read more

Christians wonder why their arguments for God are ineffective. One reason is that we’re swimming in evidence that we don’t live in a world with a god. Read more

Mathematician Blaise Pascal famously compared belief in God to a wager. In this scene from my book, a Christian and an atheist argue about the strength of this argument. Read more

Daily news reports in the United States reflect the continuing damaging effects of Christian doctrine and traditions on American views about gender and sexuality. You see it in the White House, in the judiciary and in the mounting body count from hate crimes. Read more

A Christian author proposes four simple rules for winnowing historical truth from legend that I’d like to try out. He concludes with a bizarre standard for knowing truth. Read more

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