Atheists: I Need Your Help with a Scam

Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” isn’t the only high-profile story of an atheist-turned-Christian. What if there were a way to make Christians wary of the next ex-atheist author with a conversion story and a book to sell? I may have found one. Read more

“The Case for Christ”—So Now It’s a MOVIE?!

Lee Strobel’s wildly successful Christian apologetics book series “The Case for Christ” (etc.) is now a movie. See what amounts to strong Christian evidence to this no-nonsense journalist. Read more

Mormonism Beats Christianity—Or Does It? (2 of 2)

Mormonism’s textual reliability is far better than the Bible’s (Part 1), but let’s now consider the other side of the issue. What does the skeptic say about the truth of Mormonism? And what lessons can we learn about what makes a successful religion? Read more

God’s Life Is Hell

Christians invent, without evidence, new properties for God. Let’s consider a couple of them and see the unfortunate consequences that befall God. Read more

Mormonism Beats Christianity—Or Does It?

Run through the list of arguments for the evidence of Christianity, and you’ll find that the Mormon evidence beats each one. If Christians are serious about these arguments, must they then accept Mormonism? Read more

The Argument from Results (a New Atheist Argument)

Here’s a simple argument that concludes, “Probably, all gods are manmade.” Consider the premises to see if it holds up. Read more

Guest Post: The Resurrection and Alternative Facts

Consider two curious events claimed in Matthew to have happened at the time of the crucifixion. Do scholars back up Christians’ claims about them? And how does that empower us to stand up to “alternative facts” in Christian apologetics? Read more

Dating Advice: the FIRST Thing to Figure Out in a Relationship

Read the strange story of the girlfriend who wasn’t there, and see how Christians can be similarly fooled. Read more

Maybe People CAN Change Their Minds After All

We don’t think like Mr. Spock. Biases and rationalizations and errors make our reasoning imperfect. Understanding those imperfections can help those of us trying to get others to change an intellectual position. Read more

A Response to Evolution Deniers: How Complex Comes from Simple

Creationists often say that DNA’s complexity is proof of God, but there are many examples in nature and math of complex coming from simple. Read more