The Most Powerful Argument Against Christianity

The most powerful argument against Christianity is the Problem of Divine Hiddenness. God wants to have a relationship with us? Then where is he? Simply making his existence obvious would be the first step, and this evidence is obviously not here. [Read more…]

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Criticizing the Logic of the Atonement (2 of 2)

Where we conclude our critique of a Christian defense of the idea that the sacrifice of Jesus made us right with God. [Read more…]

Contradictions to the Trinity in the Bible

The definition of the Trinity is clear about the equality in majesty of the three persons of the Trinity. But does the Bible agree? Consider a number of verses that call this equality into question. [Read more…]

Criticizing the Logic of the Atonement

Jesus died for our sins to reconcile us with God? Let’s consider some of the obvious insults that makes to our ideas of justice. [Read more…]

How Does Prayer Work? And What Does that Say About God?

An “ask and you will receive” kind of prayer that doesn’t work that way is a problem that Christians must still dance around. And let’s examine the reductionist god that they’ve created. [Read more…]

Movie Review: Ray Comfort’s “The Atheist Delusion”

Take the Ray Comfort challenge and see if you’re still an atheist. He claims, “Atheism destroyed with one scientific question.” [Read more…]

25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 12)

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these stupid arguments (part 12). [Read more…]

What Does “God” Mean? The Answer Undercuts the Concept of the Trinity.

Aren’t we missing a fourth name? Father + Son + Holy Spirit = whom? Here’s why “The Trinity” doesn’t work. [Read more…]

“Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously” as Reasonable as the Trinity

Muslims have it figured out: there is no god but Allah. That’s it. But it took centuries for Christians to cobble together the idea of the Trinity, picking it among many plausible alternatives. They admit that it’s not understandable. Let’s take a closer look at this contradictory doctrine. [Read more…]

13 More Puzzles

Here are some more puzzles. You think the last batch was easy? See how you do on these. [Read more…]

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