Scholarly Consensus for the Resurrection? Not Really.

Gary Habermas is well known for his case for the resurrection of Jesus. He says that most critical scholars agree with him, but his argument collapses upon investigation. Read more

Christians’ Secret Weapon Against Same-Sex Marriage

A Christian thinks he has the argument to make the public realize that homosexuality is disgusting. Read more

Guest Post: The Disparity Between Religion and Reason

What drives Christian belief? Is it evidence and logic, as many Christians say? Here’s a test to find out. Read more

Evolution is Crazy, Says Man Who Thinks the Earth Was Created 6000 Years Ago, All the Animals Were Saved on a Boat Built by a 600-yo Noah, and our Loving Creator Drowned Everyone

Let’s revisit the famous Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate. What were Ken Ham’s points, and how well did he do? Read more

The Bible’s Shortsighted View of the Universe

Saul Steinberg’s famous view of the world from a New Yorker’s standpoint is similar to what we see in the Genesis account of creation. It is the viewpoint of Iron Age men, not the creator of the universe. Read more

Christianity’s Unbroken Record of Failure

Christianity makes big claims. When you actually look for evidence for these claims, however, you come up empty. Read more

Why Is the Universe Comprehensible?

Why is the universe comprehensible? A primate doesn’t need to be able to understand calculus or quantum physics—and yet we can. Is this evidence of the hand of God? Read more

Is God the Good Guy or the Bad Guy?

God is good? How do you know? Some Christians have ceded their ability to judge, which means that the guy in charge could be the bad guy. Here’s why. Read more

God is Always the Worst Explanation: 8 Reasons (2 of 2)

Life has big questions, but “God” is always the worst answer (part 2). Read more

God is Always the Worst Explanation: 8 Reasons

Life has big questions, but “God” is always the worst answer. Read more

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