How We Decide (And How Religion Subverts the Process)

Part 3 of a 3-part series: how religious faith subverts the decision making process. (Guest post by Richard S. Russell) [Read more…]

How We Decide: the Processes Behind Decision Making

Part 2 of a 3-part series: the 8 processes by which decisions are made. (Guest post by Richard S. Russell) [Read more…]

How We Decide: an Analysis of an Essential Process We Take for Granted

We decide things all the time, but how smart are our decisions? We can improve by exploring the decision-making process. (Guest post by Richard S. Russell) [Read more…]

For This Election Season: How to Say, “I Told You So”

Say you have an argument that ends with no agreement. Months or years later, facts prove you right. So at least you have the satisfaction of an admission that you were correct, right? Of course not—it rarely works that way. But here’s how to get your “I told you so.” [Read more…]

Are Atheists Just in Need of a Father Figure?

A Christian scholar reports that Christians are Christian because they had good father figures and atheists are atheists because they had bad father figures. Let’s explore the failures in this offensive claim. [Read more…]

Book Excerpt: “Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion”

My own journey from religion was easy, so I’m fascinated by the stories of people who had a more difficult path. “Women Beyond Belief” looks into the distinctive journeys from Christianity taken by women. [Read more…]

The Atheist Worldview: Is Life Without God Bleak?

Many Christian apologists charge atheists with having a bleak worldview (perhaps to divert attention from their worldview not having any evidence). Surprisingly, there’s an atheist who also makes the “bleak” argument. Let’s investigate. [Read more…]

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Who Cares What the Bible Says About Gays? Look What It Says About Banks!

Do you follow what the Bible says about homosexuality? Be consistent. Given the Bible’s concern about the sin of lending with interest, THAT is where the Christian’s focus should be. [Read more…]

Bible Prophecies: Fulfilled or Fail? (Part 5 of 4)

Let’s conclude our critique of 13 prophecies from Hugh Ross of the Reasons to Believe ministry (part 5). [Read more…]

Does the Bible Reveal Objective Truth About Homosexuality?

I’m a bit surprised that I wind up agreeing with apologist Greg Koukl on a matter of biblical interpretation. Nevertheless, that doesn’t put his argument against homosexuality in a very good light. [Read more…]