Physicist Sean Carroll gives five responses to the apologist’s argument that the universe was finely tuned. He includes a provocative list of features of reality predicted by theism and naturalism to see which explains reality better. Read more

Christian apologist William Lane Craig replied to my attack on faith statements from a month ago. I have a few things to say in response. Read more

When Christian philosopher William Lane Craig debated models of the universe with cosmologist Sean Carroll, Christianity took a beating. Read more

We wrap up the critique of the comments from three pro-life commenters who dislike the fertility clinic problem (do you save a child or a thousand frozen embryos from a fire?). They want to talk about anything but the conclusion of the argument. Read more

You might have seen a recent viral tweet that proposed a hypothetical argument about saving a child (or frozen embryos?) from a fire. The choice exposes the hypocrisy in the arguments of many pro-life advocates. Read more

Who wouldn’t like to watch a movie about a boy who visits heaven and sits on Jesus’s lap? Read more

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments (part 14). Read more

Atheists can have a bad reputation among Christians who engage in the God debate. Atheists are rude, atheists are mean, and so on. But you want to understand why atheists ridicule theists? Here’s why. Read more

Another apologist is convinced that he has a simple approach to the evidence for the gospel story. Let’s see if it’s convincing. Read more

Most elevator door-close buttons don’t do anything. Similarly, prayers don’t deliver anything either beside a possible meditative effect. If door-close buttons are placebos, why aren’t prayers? Read more

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