Mathematician Blaise Pascal famously compared belief in God to a wager. In this scene from my book, a Christian and an atheist argue about the strength of this argument. Read more

Daily news reports in the United States reflect the continuing damaging effects of Christian doctrine and traditions on American views about gender and sexuality. You see it in the White House, in the judiciary and in the mounting body count from hate crimes. Read more

A Christian author proposes four simple rules for winnowing historical truth from legend that I’d like to try out. He concludes with a bizarre standard for knowing truth. Read more

One particular logical fallacy springs too easily to many Christians’ lips. It’s easy to spot, and those who care about making sense should look for and eliminate this error. Read more

What sense does an all-loving God sending people into eternal torment make? (Concluded) Read more

What sense does an all-loving God sending people into eternal torment make? (2 of 3) Read more

Consider hell. An all-loving God sends people there to burn forever. What sense does that make? Read more

Any of us are susceptible to the allure of the pleasing supernatural answer over harsh reality. Magician Harry Houdini gave Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a choice between natural and supernatural explanations. Guess which one he chose. Read more

WLC dances around the question, “Can a loving god send people to hell?” It’s an embarrassing question for Christians, and WLC’s analysis doesn’t help. Read more

Take a look at this outrageous ad from 30 years ago and see if it doesn’t remind you of Christianity. Read more

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