Only fools and Catholics think it will end with Confederate Statues

Only fools and Catholics think it will end with Confederate Statues August 25, 2017

It has been going on for years.  Entire generations have been raised to believe America was evil and its heritage needs burned to ashes.  Obviously, they’re not going to put up with a nation honoring its Nazi past.  And anyone not up to our current level of righteousness deserves the same contempt.

Donald McClarey notices the obvious trend.  Idiots and liars say it won’t continue.  And Catholics.  Catholics, I say, because apparently a growing number of Catholics are joining the modern notion that racism is the sin that Jesus just can’t forgive, so neither should the Church.  Other sins are all about mercy and forgiveness and love, but not racism.   For the time being.  And that is a crucial aspect of Identity politics and the whole memorial purge.

As a growing number of progressives are calling to end this laughable free speech rubbish, one good bit of hope.  A court has decided that a coach can’t pray in public after football games.

So that last one has promise. Especially those, including many Catholics, who are tired of anything to do with America before c. 1960.  In which case, they can only hope that other part of the First Amendment finally joins the new Free Speech.

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