5 Reasons Why I Needed a No Soliciting Sign for Hospital Clergy

Nonbelievers don’t receive the same level of respect from hospital and nursing home clergy as believers from faith traditions. Read more

5 Outrageous Lies from Accelerated Christian Education

Inside the fundamentalist curriculum that takes a relaxed attitude to telling the truth. Read more

The Bizarre Gibberish of David “Avocado” Wolfe

It’s funny and dumb when he says chocolate is an ‘octave of sun energy.’ But by the end, it’s just dangerous. Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Want to Think About…Thanks to Donald Trump

Here’s hoping things never get so bad that we feel nostalgic for the 2016 election. By Stephanie Savage. Read more

10 Times The Onion Made Baby Jesus Cry

10 highlights from 20 years of The Onion skewering religion. Read more

5 Things Few (If Any) Atheists Believe

From life evolving ‘by chance’ to the end of morality, here are a few common misconceptions about what atheists believe. Read more

The Best of Adult Sex Ed Month 2016

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen shares her 10 favorite articles on sex and sexuality, from lube to love languages to limits. Read more

What *Really* Made Me an Atheist?

For years, people told me why I didn’t believe in God. Here are the real reasons. Read more

My Top 10 Sex Books

From erotic intelligence to coregasms, sex educator Dr. Jeana Jorgensen reviews the latest and greatest in sex ed lit. Read more

5 Reasons Why Heaven (Tourism) Isn’t for Real

Because of my coma, I know what they think they saw, and it isn’t heaven. Read more

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