5 Outrageous Lies from Accelerated Christian Education

By Jonny Scaramanga

If you’re lucky enough to have made it this far in life without hearing about Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), consider turning back now. You may soon long for the happy time when you were unaware of this fundamentalist curriculum and its wealth of dross. You might prefer to read one of our happier posts instead.

Taken from an ACE science book.

Taken from an ACE science book, this cartoon reminds students to pray after taking a test.

ACE is based in Tennessee but exports its curriculum worldwide. This year, it has made headlines in the UK when former students spoke out about sexism and homophobia as well as exorcisms and arranged marriages in their schools. But it’s the utter dross that ACE calls an ‘education’ we’re concerned with today. Read on to learn about ACE’s reality-free workbooks and the bizarre claims they make.

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