Freethought Equality Fund donated $10,000 to a religious candidate after telling donors he was a nontheist

A humanist and atheist political PAC donated a great deal of money to someone whose values don’t exactly line up with theirs. [Read more…]

Christopher Hitchens was not a fan of Hillary Clinton

A video montage of Hitchens discussing his views on Hillary Clinton, a candidate that during the 2008 election he said felt she “was owed the presidency.” [Read more…]

Christopher Hitchens had thoughts on a Donald Trump presidency

The late Christopher Hitchens had some comments on Donald Trump and businessmen like him who wanted to run for president claiming the could get America back on track. [Read more…]

Catholic school is banning a gay student from being awarded the Matthew Shepard scholarship

Dowling Catholic High School has decided that one of their students, Liam Jameson, will not be awarded the Gold Matthew Shepard Scholarship at their upcoming awards ceremony because Jameson is openly gay. [Read more…]

Anti-LGBT activists are sending men into women’s bathrooms at Target

The American Family Association’s director of governmental affairs, Sandy Rios said Monday morning that her group has been “testing” the Target bathroom policy, the policy that allows individuals to use the restroom of their chosen gender identity or expression, and sending men into the women’s restroom. [Read more…]

When Americans think about atheists, they tend to think about death

According to new research, when Americans were asked about atheism, it triggered thoughts about death. [Read more…]

Neil deGrasse Tyson, like his mentor Carl Sagan, doesn’t understand what ‘atheist’ means

When asked if he is an atheist, Tyson constantly compiles a quick word salad to avoid ever answering the question honestly. [Read more…]

Newspaper reveals hilarious ‘facts’ you will find at a creation museum

A reporter for the Great Falls Tribune, a Montana-based newspaper, sent a reporter to a local creationist museum, The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, founded by Otis Kline. [Read more…]

Liberty Counsel: If Disney World can discriminate so can Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter

The Christian news site One News Now published an article titled If Disney can confine hiring, so can Christian ministry, arguing that Disney World uses employment discrimination tactics and therefore, Ken Ham and the Ark Encounter are entitled to the same treatment. [Read more…]

Ken Ham explains why it is okay for God to kill us all if he wants to

He then tries to excuse God’s genocidal flood but say that secularists cannot judge God, so our claim that the flood, as mythical as it is, is an act of an immoral God. [Read more…]