Stop trying to replace religion and instead make humanism something more

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I was critical of the idea of “atheist churches” when The Sunday Assembly made its big announcement, and I remained critical until I visited one during their US tour that brought them to my hometown.While I did enjoy myself, I wrote in a review for that I felt it was a little to church like and I did not really enjoy the singing and music because I felt as though I was back in church. However, I acknowledged then and now that this was not enough of a reason to write off The Sun … [Read more...]

Obama putting troops on the ground to combat Ebola outbreak

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President Obama today announced his plans to combat Ebola, something that he sees a National Security Issue.I want to cite former labor secretary Robert Reich here, who posted on Facebook: President Obama calls the Ebola epidemic in West Africa a “national security crisis” and is sending 3,000 military troops to Liberia, where the epidemic is spiraling fastest out of control. According to a senior White House official, “the U.S. military will bring unique capabilities,” establishing a milita … [Read more...]

Climate science is missing in the US educational system


In what seems like an uphill battle to tackle climate change in the United States we often look towards future generations who should be much more scientifically literate and are much more liberal in their politics, meaning they will not simply tow the party line and deny climate change, but accept the overwhelming amount of evidence that supports it.One troubling aspect of this though is the lack of education in climate change that is being taught from K-12 and even through college and … [Read more...]

Studies show spanking is harmful and it is time for the US to ban it

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I know very little about the case of an NFL player hitting their child, I have seen the photos in articles and it disgusts me that a grown person thinks it is ever okay to do that to a child, especially when you are the size of an NFL player. Not that ones size makes abuse any different, but to know you are a massive, strong person, and then unleash that strength upon a child, you are a vile human being.But leaving the NFL behind, and looking only at the action of spanking, what is one to … [Read more...]

Is new atheism dead and is it even a term worth saving?

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For the lack of a better term I consider myself a “new atheist”. Along the lines of those like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel C. Dennett  (The Four Horseman) for whom the term is originally coined. I am an outspoken atheist activist who speaks out against religion and believes it causes a great deal of harm in this world.I have a great deal of respect for all four of these men for their writing, speaking and activism, however it is not such a dogmatic respect tha … [Read more...]

My thoughts on atheist oppression in the US and Atheist TV

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Here is a short clip of my appearance on Acronym TV discussing oppression of atheists in the US and my thoughts on the recent launch of Atheist TV by American Atheists. … [Read more...]

No, evolution is not atheism’s creation myth


Every religion has a creation story, some way to explain how life came to be before anyone understood the natural explanation.All of these creation stories have been turned into myths when over 150 years ago Charles Darwin discovered natural selection and applied it to the idea that species have evolved from earlier species.Darwin’s idea was groundbreaking and with the discovery of genetics, heredity and DNA, his findings are confirmed evolution by natural selection is the accepted e … [Read more...]

Discussing atheism, activism and my book Parenting Without God (video)

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I was a recent guest on Acronym TV with host Dennis Trainer, Jr. We discussed America’s hatred of atheists and my new book Parenting Without God, along with my views on ridding the world of religion and why atheist activism matters. … [Read more...]

Sorry Republicans, Jesus was a Marxist


There has been a lot of discussion recently about Jesus and his political views. Putting aside the debate about Jesus existence for a moment, let’s assume for this article he did exist, and even was the Son of God. I want to look at the Christian version of Jesus of Nazareth and see if he was, as some have claimed, a Marxist.If you have read the Bible, you then know much about the story of Jesus and how he helped the sick and poor and did asking for nothing in return, and according to CJ W … [Read more...]

The importance of men in the feminist movement

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This post originally appeared on Emily Has Books on September 17, 2013, this version has been slightly edited and updated since then.Can a man be a feminist? I think so, and I know many others who think so as well. However, over the past few months I have seen a number of self-proclaimed feminist women claiming men are not welcome in the feminist movement. I really wanted to address this, not so much to say yes men can, but to start a conversation. As I stated, I believe men can be and … [Read more...]