Christian man starts yelling after being asked to close a restaurant door (video)

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A man at an In-N-Out fast food chain was standing at the restaurant door holding it open for patrons, while toting a Bible.Nothing special there, but then an employee asked him to please close the door after holding it open for some time.This resulted in the man losing it: “Was that worth it? Was that worth somebody coming in here and fucking yelling?” He screamed. “Somebody bitching about somebody holding a fucking door for people? Fuck no!” He then started throwing fake plants yelling … [Read more...]

Ken Ham says interfaith marriages are ‘interracial,’ in new video

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In an audio only video to show support for interracial marriage, creationist Ken Ham said that: "The only kind of interracial marriage the Bible warns against is between a Christian and non-christian if a man and woman trust Christ as their Savior." So yes, Ken Ham just called an interfaith or interbelief marriage "interracial" and claims this is against biblical teachings. … [Read more...]

17 priests identified as child rapists, Catholic community remains silent

Convicted pedophile and former Catholic priest James Porter, in court in April 2004 in Taunton, Mass. (AP Photo/Keith Nordstrom)

Yikes, it seems that 17 Twin Cities Catholic priests are now being identified as child rapists. Originally 37 substantiated claims of abuse had been filed against the Church and now that number has increased to 55. According to The Twin Cities archdiocese and the law offices of Jeff Anderson issued a joint statement Thursday disclosing names of 17 priests with “substantiated” claims of sexual abuse of a minor — including four previously unknown to the public.The names bring t … [Read more...]

Pope Francis urges Christians and Christian scientists to accept evolution

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Once in a great while the Pope actually says something I can agree with.Pope Francis told a plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at a recent Vatican gathering that: “When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything — but that is not so.” Francis went on to say that the Big Bang and evolution are not only consistent with biblical teachings but that they are essential to understanding God. … [Read more...]

Prove to your creationist friends and family that evolution is true

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Have an annoying creationist relative you will be seeing this holiday season?Be sure have this video queued up and ready to go. The video from Stated Clearly shows how we know evolution is true by looking at different observable pieces of evidence about the whale.The whale, which evolved from a four-legged land mammal and whose now closest living relative with the hippopotamus is a perfect example of evolution in action and we have evidence to prove it.(h/t Raw Story) … [Read more...]

Creationists are planning to hold a workshop that links Hitler to evolution


Michigan State University is about to be visited by a group of creationists who plan to explore the link between Nazism and evolution.You might feel the need to read that a few times but you read it correctly, they plan to hold a workshop that discusses how the theory of evolution influenced Adolf Hitler. According to ScienceInsider they will also be looking at why “the Big Bang is fake” and “natural selection is NOT evolution.The Oklahoma based creationist group says their goal is to tea … [Read more...]

Secularism is on the rise as more and more adults abandon church


There is good news coming from a new study from the Barna Group, as it appears fewer and fewer Americans are finding the need to attend church, even if they are religious.According to the study: Nearly two-fifths of the nation’s adult population (38%) now qualifies as post-Christian… That includes 10% of Americans who qualify as highly post-Christian. Another one-quarter is moderately post-Christian (28%). Examined over time, our research shows that the proportion of highly secularized i … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson touts a ‘praying atheist’ and no one questions her sincerity?

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This week on The 700 Club, Pat Robertson had a guest on his show who is a self-proclaimed former atheist who found proof of God after 5 of her abortion clinic appointments were canceled after she prayed to God asking for guidance.Do you see the strange hypocrisy in that paragraph? I don’t want to play to the no-true Scotsman fallacy here, but an atheist who prayed to God for guidance?Anny Donewald who according to the show is a former sex worker and rape survivor became pregnant and did n … [Read more...]

NYPD officer attacked with a Hatchet

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Updated below: 10/24/14 3:01PMToday in New York City a man named Zale Thompson attacked a police officer, fracturing his skull. Another officer shot and killed Thompson after the attack.Immediately, NYPD commissioner William Bratton told reporters told reporters, “There’s nothing we know at this time that would indicate that (Islamic terrorism) is the case.”And according to CNN: A senior law enforcement official told CNN on Friday that investigators do not believe that Thompson, a Mu … [Read more...]

Sam Harris addresses critics of his stance on Islam and violence (video)

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Sam Harris sat down with The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur to discuss recent criticisms of his views on Islam and religious extremism on a previous episode of TYT Live.The 3-hour interview may be one of the most in depth looks at Harris views and Uygur proved to be a worth opponent capable of making Harris answer for and clarify many statements that Harris has often said are misrepresentations of his views.Watch the interview below and let me know what you think in the comments: … [Read more...]