Henry Kissinger: The monster Hillary Clinton admires

When it comes to foreign policy, Hillary Clinton says she has a clear mentor. The former secretary of state, Henry Kissinger. The man that Christopher Hitchens said should be tried for war crimes in his book, The Trial of Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger is a monster. So much so that her rival for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders has made it a point to mention he would not want anything to do with the man. [Read more...]


Richard Dawkins suffers stroke and is forced to cancel Australian book tour

Richard Dawins has reportedly suffered a stroke last Saturday and is home recovering according to a Facebook statement by the Sydney Opera House where Dawkins was scheduled to appear. [Read more...]


Vatican: Bishops don’t have to report sexual abuse to the police

If you support the Catholic Church you are supporting child rape and abuse. [Read more...]


Ken Ham says atheists are ripping off church likes the nones are ripping off marriage

In a blog post this week, Ken Ham said that the group of atheists is “ripping off” the church. Funny, I had no idea that churches owned the rights to people will like minded ideas gathering. Ham even went as far as to say the Sunday Assembly is its own form of religious dogma. [Read more...]


Ted Cruz will show America ‘the face of God’ according to his wife

Heidi Cruz, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said her husband will show America “the face of God” in a strange rant on a South Carolina radio show. [Read more...]


Stop telling me I must support Hillary Clinton if she beats Bernie Sanders

Why is it assumed that I must hand Hillary Clinton my vote if she beats Sanders in the primaries this spring? Why is it my “responsibility” to pick the lesser of two evils when I have better choices that align with my ideals? [Read more...]


Yes, Bernie Sanders can become the next President of the United States

Tuesday night’s win for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire was monumental. After losing by the smallest of margins to Hillary Clinton the previous week in Iowa, Sanders took a commanding lead in NH and from the latest polls as I write this won the state by 17 percent. [Read more...]

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Breaking up with Richard Dawkins

Brian Dalton, better know to everyone as Mr. Deity has a hilarious video up about Richard Dawkins and the internet’s reaction to everything he says. [Read more...]


Book review: The Moral Arc by Michael Shermer

I found that Shermer did a wonderful job providing a lot of evidence, even when only anecdotal to show the power that the scientific method has in improving our reasoning over subjects such as women’s rights and gay rights, even going as far as to discuss animal rights in the moral arc of history. [Read more...]


Kentucky needs to end its tax incentive program

On January 25, a Federal Court judge issued an injunction forcing the State of Kentucky to accept a tax rebate application from Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, despite the obvious and illegal employment discrimination being practiced by the park. [Read more...]