Atheist activist Jamila Bey asked CPAC to embrace atheists if they want votes

Photo: Raw Story / Screenshot / CPAC

Now to be clear, I don't want atheists voting for Republicans, even if you remove the theocratic rhetoric, you're still left with conservative government values that hurt minorities and the poor and bring the government in the wrong direction.That being said, my friend Jamila Bey did something CPAC is not used to. She took the podium.Yup, a black, atheist, women took the stage. Each of those labels alone are rare enough for this event, let alone wrapped into one amazing person.So … [Read more...]

Free thought blogger murdered by Islamic militants in Bangladesh

Avijit Roy

Updated: 02/26/15 12:03PMAuthor and blogger Avijit Roy has been killed in what looks like a militant attack against him and his wife.His wife, Rafida Ahmed Bonna who is also a blogger remains in critical condition.According to the Center for Inquiry website, Dr. Roy was the founder of the website Mukto-mona, an online network of freethinkers of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent, as well as the author of several books, and a contributor to our own magazine Free Inquiry and our  … [Read more...]

New poll suggests more Republicans turning against evolution

Image: The Spudd

Republican presidential hopefuls such as Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal have gone to great lengths to avoid endorsing evolutionary biology. Why is this?Well a new poll out Tuesday by Public Policy Polling found that 49% of Republicans reject the theory of evolution. So perhaps those like Walker and Jindal are afraid to upset large numbers of potential supporters.According to Talking Points Memo, The poll by the Democratic-leaning firm found that 49 percent of Republicans said they do not … [Read more...]

Video: Dawkins and Krauss say parents should not have the right to block a child’s education

Photo: James Willamor

In an interview with The Irish Times, Richard Dawkins said that when it comes to education that “the balance has swung too far towards parents.” “And children do need to be protected so that they can have a proper education, and not be indoctrinated in whatever religion their parents happen to be brought up in,” he declared. Physicist and author Lawrence Krauss, founder of Arizona State University’s Origins Project who was in Dublin with Dawkins, added that state education had to be held to dif … [Read more...]

Republicans want to declare Idaho as a ‘Christian State’

Photo: Idaho Capitol Building by JSquish

The Republican stronghold state of Idaho, known for its potatoes wants to be know for something else; theocracy.Lawmakers in the state have proposed a resolution that would “formally and specifically declared [Idaho] a Christian state.”According to Raw Story, The measure argues that the Christian faith is under “strident attack” in the United States, and cites as evidence the absence of Christian traditions and symbols in public institutions such as schools. Supporters of the bill claim … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson claims doing yoga will trick you into speaking ‘In Hindu’

Photo: Youtube Screenshot

Never with a lack of crazy, The 700 Club's host Pat Robertson has some warnings about doing yoga.According to Right Wing Watch, a viewer of the show wrote in to ask Robertson was was concerned and, [...] feared that ever since her family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, they have been exposed to “New Age spirituality” such as “dream catchers, yoga [and] veganism,” and wondered whether she should let her daughter take “yoga classes with one of her friends.” Robertson, always with the logical r … [Read more...]

The racist Ron Paul strikes again claiming black lawmakers oppose war because they want food stamps

Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The "not racist" racist Ron Paul is opening his mouth again and proving once again he is just another racist old white guy.In an interview with Lew Rockwell, shared by BuzzFeed, Paul spoke about being anti-war and the allies he had in congress, or as he saw it, lack of. “I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a few libertarian Republicans and generally the Black Caucus and others did not — they are really against war because they want all of tha … [Read more...]

American Family Association releases map to help atheists locate local groups

Photo: Screenshot of Bigotry Map

The hate-group known as the American Family Association, known for for their hateful anti-same sex rights stance and fight to "uphold Christian values", has released "bigotry map" to locate groups they consider "anti-Christian".According to the AFA website, this map is to help locate groups that are, "[...] deeply intolerant towards the Christian religion. Their objectives are to silence Christians and to remove all public displays of Christian heritage and faith in America.A common … [Read more...]

From an Apatheist to an Antitheist: Why I Now Actively Oppose Religion

Photo: meesh (Wikipedia)

If you would've asked me a year before I sat myself in my computer chair to write my first blog regarding religion, I would've never thought I'd feel the way I did. I'd spent much of my life in a religious household, instructed in a Christian based school as a child, and attended church fairly regularly. That's not to say I ardently believed; I was at times either uninterested or unconvinced. I cared not if Jesus lived and died for my sins, if God created the universe just for us, or that I was … [Read more...]

Four truths to combat the lies of Charisma News


I should know better than to search for religiously themed topics, even if it was to help a colleague. But I managed to stumble upon a recently published article from Charisma News; a site touting "Breaking News" with a "Spiritual Perspective". What ensues, and this is your warning, is an article from author Tom Brown that claims the naturalistic explanations we have for the world around us are nothing but lies.On the first point, that the Universe cannot exist with out a creator, begs the … [Read more...]