I watched the new Ken Ham Ark Encounter update video so you don’t have to

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Well, today I decided I could give up 9-minutes of my life, 9-minutes I will never get back, all to watch Ken Ham's update on the Ark Encounter.The video is the latest in the company's PR push to ensure donors that their money is not all lost now that the park has lost the necessary tax incentive to actually complete the park.Here are the main takeaways from the video: 1. They have over 500 pages of blueprints to spec out the necessary construction of the ark. I wonder how many Noah … [Read more...]

Are donations made to the Ark Encounter violating federal laws?

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Since the news broke that the Ark Encounter was losing its bid for an 18 million dollar tax incentive, its parent company Answers in Genesis has announced a new dollar for dollar fundraising campaign.While donation matching is nothing new for non-profits, there is a big legal issue at hand that is simply being ignored. Can Answers in Genesis, a religious non-profit organization raise money for a for-profit business and claim them to be tax deductible?The scenario is described in a … [Read more...]

Please keep us laughing: An Interview with Keith Lowell Jensen

atheist christmas

Many people love Christmas, including atheists and humanists that celebrate it secularly. Some people loathe the season and some struggle to manage their depression or other mental illness throughout a time that society is telling them to be merry and cheerful. In the War on Christmas, it has been made clear that ownership of this holiday is the cause of much strife with the proper associated salutations largely debatable. Whatever the holidays may include for anyone, many could agree that it … [Read more...]

Fewer than 10% of Americans are convinced Young Earth creationists, new study shows

Mike edits Jesus & Dawkins, a blog that looks at the intersection of Christianity, science, and atheism. We asked him to highlight the biggest insights from the recent National Study of Religion & Human Origins (NSRHO). The study, funded by The BioLogos Foundation and conducted by Calvin College sociology professor Jonathan P. Hill, has created waves. All citations from the NSRHO report are parenthetical in the text below.1. Many people are less certain about their view of human o … [Read more...]

Ken Ham continues to lie about the Ark Encounters employment discrimination

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Ken Ham has issued a video statement tonight on his blog addressing the issues of the Ark Encounter being denied their 18 million dollar tax incentive.Other than the normal anti-atheist hyperbole, Ham makes two points worth addressing.#1: The Ark Encounter is not asking the state for money to finish the project.Ham is insisting that journalists and atheists are claiming that park is asking for money to complete the project. This is a flat out lie. Every site is stating this is a … [Read more...]

Allowing women access to birth control does not make President Obama an idiot

The Little Sisters of the Poor

This post is in direct response to Rebecca Hamilton's two blog posts, "President Obama is an idiot" and "President Obama is an idiot 2".Hamilton is upset with Obama because The Little Sisters of the Poor are being "forced" to provide "contraceptives and abortifacients," to employees. So upset she feels that childish name calling is the proper response.Except they are not being forced to provide any contraceptives. Hamilton is simply lying, just as The Little Sisters of the Poor are. Side … [Read more...]

The tax incentive is gone but Ken Ham is still discriminating


Okay, we have done a great job, we have ended the $18,000,000 tax incentive the Ark Encounter was previously awarded to build their genocidal themed park.We have celebrated, but there is still work to be done.The Ark Encounter is still discriminating against employees.In his statement about denying the tax incentive, there is something very important the Governor of Kentucky said: “While the leaders of the Ark Encounter had previously agreed not to discriminate in hiring based on r … [Read more...]

The Duggars helped legalize discrimination against the LGBTQ community

The following is a guest post by Thomas EsselLast month I reported that the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas would be voting on whether or not to repeal City Ordinance 119. The ordinance extended the existing anti-discrimination law to include homosexual and transgender people.The vote was today (Dec 9) and the results are in.By a vote of 7,523 to 7,040, the people of Fayetteville have voted to repeal the ordinance. It is officially legal to refuse service, deny housing, or fire anyone … [Read more...]

The Lexington Herald-Leader Editorial team has a question for Ken Ham

The fine editorial team over at the Lexington Herald-Leader want to know why God needs so many tax breaks! Why does God need so much taxpayer help?Really, has God been so lame spreading the good news that AIG must "counter the myths floating around about the Bible-upholding Ark Encounter," on a digital video board in New York's Times Square?Does God need to be defended with the demagogic language AIG and its founder Ken Ham use in the holy war against "intolerant liberal friends," … [Read more...]

Ken Ham threatens to defend his right to discriminate in court

Answers in Genesis has released a statement today in reaction to the State of Kentucky rejecting the organizations application for 18 million dollars in tax incentives.Ken Ham said in the statement, “We have been working on this project with Kentucky for more than two years, so this just-received denial announcement is as disappointing as it is costly for our ministry without the expected rebate.” Ham then claimed he would battle this issue in court if he must, “Our construction has alread … [Read more...]