Ken Ham is still lying to the public about The Ark Encounter discrimination


Ken Ham is still lying about the Ark Encounter.

Ham continues to push the lie that the genocidal theme park is not hiring, when this blog has shown countless times that they are in fact hiring for a full time position for the project and are discriminating against potential employees in doing so.

The images below show the position in question, again, showing that employees must sign a statement of faith and that the job is also a ministry to spread the word of God.


Ham is a recent blog post “dispelling the myths” of the park said of the hiring process:

Ark Encounter has not written its hiring policies but that it “will follow all of the applicable state and federal employment laws in the hiring for the Ark Encounter.”

This is a statement made by Mike Zovath, who Answers in Genesis claims is in charge of the Ark Encounter project.

However, it does not matter that the Ark Encounter has not written its hiring policies yet because that does not excuse discrimination.

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State just last week sent a letter to the governor of Kentucky urging the state to reconsider the tax incentive that was tentatively awarded to the park in the tune of $18 million.

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