Let’s all enter the Ark Encounter giveaway and stop a family from subjecting their kids to nonsense

Image: Ark Encounter
Image: Ark Encounter

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is having a massive giveaway. The adults who will be entering the contest will likely do so for the sake of bringing their families to the park.

Children should not be subjected to this nonsense against their will or better judgment. These children deserve a fighting chance of learning logic, reason, and science. Let’s not let Ham get his greedy hands on them.

So let’s enter the giveaway and win all the prizes!


  • Grand: Annual passes for 4 people ($700 value). 1 winner
  • Diamond: 7-day combo passes for 4 people ($396 value). 1 winner
  • Platinum: Combo tickets for 4 people ($240 value). 3 winners
  • Gold: General Admission tickets for 4 people ($160 value). 10 winners
  • Silver: Genuine silver Noah’s Ark coin from Armenia. 40 winners

What the hell is a Genuine Noah’s Ark coin?

Anyway, go here, sign up and enter. Let’s do some children a favor.

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