With the Green Party descending into conspiracy theories, the left needs a new viable party

Image: Andra MIhali / Flickr / Creative Commons

Image: Andra MIhali / Flickr / Creative Commons

If we can learn anything from the Bernie Sanders campaign it’s that the left needs a voice. For many, that voice became the Green Party, it adopted an anti-capitalist economic platform at its August convention, and it seems the be the largest leftist answer to the current two party system.

For some, they have chosen to remain in the Democratic Party and believe that reforming that party is a worthwhile effort. They listened to Sanders call to support Hillary Clinton in an effort to stop Trump. He, of course, did this while himself leaving the Democratic Party, but still vowing to vote for Clinton. Whether or not he campaigns for her long term remains to be seen.

For others, though, neither party fits the bill. Revolutionary politics takes many forms, but most agree that the Democratic Party is counter-revolutionary, while the Green Party, for all its benefits, has many fatal flaws that will keep it from ever gaining the momentum that was seen in the Sanders campaign. One example of this is their constant pandering to Sanders directly in an attempt to use his momentum to build a viable party.

While Sanders is much more progressive than the likes of Clinton, calling him a leftist is too far a stretch, and a true leftist party should be looking beyond established candidates. Sanders brought his own brand of revolution to the American political system, but he didn’t bring a revolution in the true revolutionary sense.

The left can often be complemented by liberalism, but the two don’t exist with the same goals.

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