5 things you can do to resist Trump now

Image: Pax Ahimsa Gethen | Creative Commons 4.0
Image: Pax Ahimsa Gethen | Creative Commons 4.0

Despite all the news about Russian interference in the election, we are moving toward a President Trump. Recount efforts have failed, with only one elector having the guts to refuse to vote for Trump. We are a little more than a month away from Donald Trump being sworn into office.

There has been a lot of talk about resisting Trump. I have previously explained why we refuse to call him our president, and many are working to build social movements to stop Trump.

What can you do right now to stop Trump? How can you be prepared for the day he takes office? He is the minority president-elect and he will be the minority president. We won’t let him forget that.

Here are 5 ways you can get involved now to help build a resistance against Trump.

5. Join a social or political action movement.

Immediately following his primary loss, Bernie Sanders launched Our Revolution. Since the victory of Trump, Sanders and his new organization have been working to organize his most loyal followers to resist Trump. His focus has been on holding politicians accountable, an effort I think may be a great waste of time. However, to more hardened Democrats, this may be the best place for you.

For those more centered in mainstream movements, the ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Americans United, Southern Poverty Law Center, Secular Coalition, NAACP, and others offer wonderful ways to get involved in fighting for various aspects of freedom.

For those of us on the left, there are organizations offering direct action against Fascism, Trump, racism, and more.

The Socialist Party USA, of which I am a member, has many committees protecting human rights at home and around the world.

The Democratic Socialists of America, another group I am a proud member of, is the fastest growing leftist group since the election of Trump. Local meetings have been turning out as many as 300 people per city. The organization is launching full campaigns to combat racism, anti-Muslim bigotry, and police brutality. DSA has been criticized early on in the election for seeming too centrist-Democratic and even appealing to Clinton supporters in order to defeat Trump. But since the election, they have moved further left and appealed more to the revolutionary mindset of many on the left.

Other groups to look at are Socialist Alternative, ISO, ANTIFA, IWW, and Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

4. Urge your state and local governments to reject Trumpism at all costs.

California did this. The governor of the state and the state senate sent a clear message that they will welcome refugees, continue proving healthcare, and won’t roll back the progress that has been made for more than 100 years in this country.

Call and write your legislators. Make your city or state a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from war-torn countries such as Syria.

While the federal government has been handed to the far right, many states are still dark blue, and we can keep them that way.

3. Go beyond the safety pin and stand up to Nazis and bigots every day.

The safety pin is an awesome gesture and sign of solidarity. However, wearing it is one thing, standing up to hate is another.

The motto going around this election and post-election was “Love Trumps Hate,” and while that sounds wonderful, it’s completely useless. Love is not going to stop the harassment we have seen growing around the country. It’s not going to stop violence from white nationalist and anti-Muslim bigots. Only action is. Only interference.

This also applies to online bigotry or simply conversations you overhear out in the real world. At a coffee shop and hearing some Nazis espousing hate? Speak up. Shut that shit down.


2. Donate to groups that will likely suffer or need massive funding

Planned Parenthood is likely going to come under attack from the Republicans running the country and will very likely lose massive amounts of funding. To continue to provide their life-saving women’s health services, they are going to need our help.

Groups such as the ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Americans United will need funding to bring the necessary lawsuits against the government as it will likely break many laws in an effort to oppress minority groups throughout the country.

You can also donate to local refugee organizations that will be helping to house and feed those coming to this country. The federal government is not likely to offer any assistance to these programs.

1. Take to the streets

Our voice is loudest when we are united. There are protests happening almost every single day somewhere in this country. If one is near you, join it. If not, start one.

Protests are not a waste of time and send a powerful message, not only to Congress or your local government but to others who may fear that no one is on their side or feel alone. A strong, united front against Trumpism is going to make massive waves.

Trump is likely to be very concerned with his approval ratings and his image. A country under constant protest will upset him and his narrative of making American great again.

We have the power to cripple him and his administration, but only if we do so together and push resistance, every single day.

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