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Sources Say TLC may continue 19 Kids and Counting without Josh Duggar

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Last Friday, TLC pulled 19 Kids and Counting off the air after allegations that Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters and one friend of the family proved to be true.The news sparked an immediate call for the shows cancelation and TLC only responded by saying it was "saddened and troubled" by the recent revelations and after airing a Josh heavy marathon on Wednesday night, pulled the show entirely from its schedule on Thursday afternoon. The network however has not mentioned the fate for t … [Read more...]

Creationist Eric Hovind: If evolution is true, then it wasn’t wrong for Josh Duggar to molest his sisters

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Eric Hovind, the creationist advocate from Creation Today, has a suggestion for how Josh Duggar should be punished for molesting four of his sisters and a family friend. Go back to his old job. “Since Josh molested girls, which could damage their trust of men, which could damage their future marriage, which could damage their future family, we should make Josh Duggar work the rest of his life to help families stay together and help them recognize how twisted the world is and how God offers i … [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee says as president he would follow the ‘supreme being’ and not the Supreme Court on gay marriage

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Speaking with Fox News's Chris Wallace, presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee announced that if elected president he would not listen to the Supreme Court if they ruled in favor of same-sex marriage because the court is not the "supreme being." “You seemed to indicate that as president, you wouldn’t necessarily obey court rulings, even the Supreme Court,” the host asked in an interview Sunday morning. “We have operated under the principle of judicial review since the Marbury v. Madison case in 1803 … [Read more...]

Josh Duggars police records ordered to be destroyed by judge with connection to Mike Huckabee

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This story is getting more and more strange and suspicious by the day.After the story broke late last week that Josh Duggar had been accused of sexually assaulting a minor, he eventually admitted to the crimes and we learned his parents worked very hard to cover up the incidents.Well, according to a story uncovered by USA Today, on Thursday after the story broke Judge Stacey Zimmerman ordered the Springdale Police Department to destroy the original documents: “The judge ordered us yeste … [Read more...]

U.N. official says the Islamic State burned a woman alive for not engaging in an ‘extreme’ sex act

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According to a shocking report by the Washington Post, the self-proclaim Islamic State  has been capturing and selling women and girls into sex slavery and according to an eyewitness, even burned a women alive who refused to engage in extreme sexual acts.Zainab Bangura, the U.N.'s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, took a tour of refugee camps in Syria and Iraq, two parts of the world where the Islamic State has most control, and reported:"They are institutionalizing … [Read more...]

The counseling center Josh Duggar attended was founded by a serial sexual harasser

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Update from Friendly Atheist: A CNN article says that Josh Duggar did not, in fact, stay at this clinic, contrary to the police report:Jim Bob Duggar initially said upon finding out about his actions, they sent their son to a “Christian ministry” for some “hard physical work and counseling,” but Michelle Duggar later revealed they simply sent him to stay with a family friend for a period of time. A little digging into the police report filed against TV's Josh Duggar by Hemant Mahta uncovered … [Read more...]

TLC pulls 19 Kids and Counting from lineup amid child molestation admission from Josh Duggar

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TLC has finally taken a step in the right direction.After airing a 19 Kids and Counting Marathon last night, the TLC Network has announced they are pulling 19 Kids and Counting from the lineup.No official announcement has been made about the future of the show, but having all scheduled broadcasts pulled off the air is not a good sign for the show.The network did however release a statement saying they would be pulling the show off the air: "Effective immediately, TLC has pulled all … [Read more...]

Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee defends Josh Duggar’s child molestation

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Just a day after Josh Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting admitted to multiple accounts of child molestation, Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee rushed to Duggar's defense.Writing on Facebook, the former pastor said: “Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, ‘inexcusable,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unforgivable.’”“They are no more perfect a family than any family,” Huckabee continued, “but their Christian witness is not marred in our eyes because follow … [Read more...]

Josh Duggar admits to molestation accusations and resigns from Family Research Council


In this quickly developing story, Josh Duggar has resigned from his job at the Family Research Council and admitted to the accusations of molestation.Speaking to People Magazine Josh said: "Twelve years ago, as a young teenager. I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret." He continues, "We spoke with authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling." Duggar's wife Anna says he … [Read more...]

Josh Duggar allegedly molested 5 girls, including his sisters


Two days ago I posted a story about the fact that TLC's Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting was turned over to police for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor.Today, TMZ (yes, the celebrity gossip site) has confirmed with law enforcement that Josh –who was around 14 at the time– was the alleged molester of five girls starting in 2002. An unknown number of the five girls are reported to be Josh's own sisters.TMZ reports that: According to the police report, Josh fondled the genitals and … [Read more...]