For an update on the status of Parenting Without God which will be re-released on Pitchstone Publishing in the Fall of 2015, click here.


Parenting Without God is a book for atheist parents who are seeking guidance on raising freethinkers in a Christian dominated nation. No longer can parents stay in the closet and deny their atheism through fear of it hurting their children in some way.

As responsible parents we must be open and vocal about the necessary secularization of our country through politics and education, and raise our children to embrace secular values.

The time is now to come out and join your local and national atheist and secular community and stand up for the separation of church and state. You have a responsibility to promote not only freedom of religion but also freedom from religion.

Parenting Without God is the call to action and the kindle that will light the flame for atheists everywhere to take on the challenge of making the world a better place for our children.

As any parent will tell you, the number of resources available to the faithful is staggering. They include books, daycare, religious education, and ways to celebrate rites of passage. Atheists with children are usually left to fend for themselves, but Dan Arel has contributed a fine volume to the growing library of secular parenting resources. His casual yet in-depth approach to the struggles non-religious parents face reminds us that religious rituals can indeed be replaced. -Hemant Mehta, editor of

Dan Arel deftly navigates the child-rearing minefield, revealing the importance and beauty of education over indoctrination, and placing yet another exclamation point on why the next generation should be given the tools and encouragement to discover the world honestly, enthusiastically, and without fear. -Seth Andrews Host of the Thinking Atheist and author of Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason