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For an update on the status of Parenting Without God which will be re-released on Pitchstone Publishing in the Fall of 2015, click here.

You can preorder the paperback (available Sept 1, 2015) here.


One of the very few parenting books written specifically for the 1 in 5 Americans who lack a belief in God

Parenting Without God is for parents who lack belief in a god and who are seeking guidance on raising freethinkers in a Christian-dominated nation. It will help parents give their children the tools to stand up to attempts at religious proselytization, whether by teachers, coaches, friends, or even other family members. It also offers advice on teaching children to question what others tell them and to reach their own conclusions based on evidence and reason. Above all, the book argues that parents should lead by example—both by speaking candidly about the importance of secularism and by living an openly secular life.

What are others saying about the book?

As any parent will tell you, the number of resources available to the faithful is staggering. They include books, daycare, religious education, and ways to celebrate rites of passage. Atheists with children are usually left to fend for themselves, but Dan Arel has contributed a fine volume to the growing library of secular parenting resources. His casual yet in-depth approach to the struggles non-religious parents face reminds us that religious rituals can indeed be replaced. -Hemant Mehta, editor of FriendlyAtheist.com

Dan Arel deftly navigates the child-rearing minefield, revealing the importance and beauty of education over indoctrination, and placing yet another exclamation point on why the next generation should be given the tools and encouragement to discover the world honestly, enthusiastically, and without fear. -Seth Andrews Host of the Thinking Atheist and author of Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason

You can preorder the paperback (available Sept 1, 2015) here.