I will be adding contributors to the site very shortly!

If you are interested in submitting a piece for inclusion on this site, please email me: dan [at]

What I am looking for / how to submit:

I am looking for writers who are covering stories I am not covering in the area of atheism, religion and science. I am very accepting of differing opinions than mine, however I won’t publish pieces that go against some of my strongly held beliefs (example, I wont run a pro-libertarian piece, anti-evolution pieces).

If you have an idea, email me a quick summary and why you are qualified to write about that subject. If you have already written the piece, send me the article pasted into the email, please don’t send attachments. I will email you back as quickly as I can about the submission.

Please do not submit previously published pieces. If I do choose to publish your work, I retain exclusive rights for 2 weeks, after which you are free to republish elsewhere.