Trump advisor call for Hillary Clinton to be ‘shot for treason’

According to a Hillary Clinton spokesperson, the secret service is investigating Al Baldasaro, a veteran’s outreach advisor and delegate to Donald Trump, for calling for the former secretary of state and presidential nominee, to be “shot for treason.” [Read more…]

Caitlyn Jenner mocks GOP bathroom laws, suggests banning Republicans from bathrooms

Embed from Getty Images It doesn’t seem often these days that Caitlyn Jenner comes to the defense of transgender men and women in this country. Too often she takes a hardline Republican stance and plays down the discrimination and hate placed on the trans community. Just yesterday she told reporters it was harder to come [Read More…]

Down the Rabbit Hole: reading a book on Christian persecution (pt.1)

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through the religion section of my local Barnes & Noble and I stumbled across the book It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious freedom and its enemies by Mary Eberstadt. Normally I would ignore such works because of the obvious nonsense of its message. However, I decided to give reading it a shot. After all, the best way to understand a differing point of view than one’s own is to engage it, not ignore it. Only reading and engaging works that one agrees with is the surest way to create an echo-chamber around yourself. [Read more…]

The liberal defense for Milo Yiannopoulos

It cannot be understated how problematic I find many of Milo Yiannopoulos’s views. [Read more…]

Ken Ham tries to get cool with the kids and suggest they play Pokemon Go at the Creation Museum

Ken Ham is resorting to cheap tricks to lure kids into his Creation Museum [Read more…]

Stopping Trump, electing Clinton, and destroying the two-party system

I don’t like Hillary Clinton. Not even a little. I think her support of the LGBTQ community is inauthentic and politically motivated only. I think her support for abortion rights is the same. I think she is a war hawk, and I don’t believe for a second she cares about working class Americans. [Read more…]

5 most anti-scientific beliefs of Republican VP candidate Mike Pence

Here are five of the man’s most bizarre beliefs, a few which even go further than the GOP cohorts who are going to eagerly vote for him in November. [Read more…]

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Soap opera star and RNC speaker says Obama is a Muslim from the Middle East

Antonio Sábato Jr., a former underwear model and General Hospital actor, did a sit-down interview with ABC News after his speech at the Republican National Convention. In the interview, he said that President Obama is a Muslim who was born in the Middle East. [Read more…]

Company apologizes for refusing to deliver porta-potties to Ark Encounter protest

A welcome apology for wrongful discrimination [Read more…]

Bill Nye on the Ark Encounter: ‘ every single science exhibit is absolutely wrong’

He said the entire park asks visitors to trust faith over science and that by doing so, it stifles their critical thinking ability. [Read more…]