David Silverman wants you to help the Reason Rally

American Atheist President David Silverman has a message for you. He wants you to help Reason Rally! [Read more…]

Study: 82% of transgender people face physical aggression during their lifetime

81.75% of transgender people questioned suffered from some type of physical aggression during their lifetime, 31.16% perceived discrimination in the workplace and 22.84% attempted suicide at least once.
[Read more…]

Oklahoma senate passes bill criminalizing abortion

Thursday morning, Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill making it a felony for doctors in the state to perform abortions. This move basically bans the procedure, a move that is trying to circumvent Roe v. Wade which makes it illegal for states to ban abortions. [Read more…]

Trump Supreme Court nominee: States should have right to jail people for ‘homosexual sodomy’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a list of Supreme Court candidates he would nominate should he win the 2016 presidential election. One such candidate is Texas justice William H. Pryor Jr, a judge who was said that he believes homosexuals should be jailed for “homosexual sodomy.” [Read more…]

A response to inane criticisms of “The Kings of Atheism”

if one wants to make an atheist documentary that features atheist comedians, the opportunity for diversity is challenging, at best. [Read more…]

GMOs are safe for human consumption according to the Academies of Science

According to a new study by the Academy of Science which took more than two years to compile shows that GMOs have not caused increases in cancer, obesity, gastrointestinal illnesses, kidney disease, autism or allergies. [Read more…]

Kentucky woman beaten for looking ‘too masculine’ as people stood by and watched

Brittany Nicole Wallace, a Paintsville, Kentucky woman shared on her Facebook page that she was severely attacked and beaten for looking too masculine. [Read more…]

Check out my wife’s new online store for children’s headbands

She has started a new online business called London + Lulu, a shop that makes headbands and bows for children. She even does custom work! [Read more…]

Ken Ham condemns President Obama for making transgender rights a civil rights issue

Ken Ham is a huge bigot. We all know this, I have written those exact words more times than I care to count. He hates homosexuals, atheists, humanists, secularists, hell, the asshole hates Christians who don’t accept his childish 6,000-year world view of creationism. [Read more…]

Study: Parents need to stop putting their kids on gluten-free diets without doctor’s approval

Many studies have suggested that gluten-free (GF) diets are not healthy, or necessary unless you have been diagnosed with celiac disease (CD) or a wheat allergy. [Read more…]