Bernie Sanders trolled Donald Trump on the senate floor

Bernie Sanders took the senate floor Wednesday to launch an attack against Trump for the recent attacks against the Affordable Care Act. Read more

Some thoughts on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg denouncing his atheism

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently states on Facebook that he is no longer an atheist, sparking many discussions around the web. Read more

Kentucky Democrat files anti-transgender bathroom bill

A Kentucky Democrat has filed two bills attacking the LGBTQ community even after the Republican-controlled state said they won’t pass them Read more

Donald Trump tweets that Americans are his ‘enemies’ and it’s a badge I wear with honor

Sunday morning, president-elect Donald Trump hit Twitter to send his Happy New Year message, by calling Americans who didn’t support him, his enemies. Read more

1 in 3 Trump supporters believe that vaccines cause autism

Will Americans believe anything? According to a new poll, yes, they might. Americans have very weird views on vaccines, 9/11 and Pizza Gate Read more

The best things about 2016 according to the Danthropology blog

What blogs, music, and books were the best of 2016 according to the Danthropology blog? Find out here and fill your 2017 with awesomeness. Read more

Ken Ham: ‘secularists often misuse the word science’

Ken Ham is ending the year with yet another wonderful post about the word science, and how he believes secularist misuse it. Read more

My humanism requires me to be a vocal anti-theist

Religion is harmful and faith is a bad means of believing in things one wishes to be true, and because of that, I must hold an anti-religious position Read more

Bigoted Boy Scouts kick out 8-year-old transgender boy

The Boy Scouts of America, one of the most bigoted groups in the country have issued a ban to an 8-year-old transgender boy, Joe Maldonado, in New Jersey. Read more

Bristol Palin says that artists who refuse to perform at Trump’s inauguration are ‘sissies’

Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, went on one really strange rant against performing artists who won’t play for Trump’s inauguration. Read more

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