We Are Atheism is coming under fire for possible mishandled donations


A little over a year ago I was copied on a mass email that was calling into questions of the actions of an atheist non-profit called We Are Atheism.It seemed there was some major concern with their handling of donations and their lack of non-profit status when accepting tax deductible donations.I had briefly looked into the problem and found many troublesome roadblocks to learning how they spent their money as well as the financial gains of the non-profits owners.However I was unable … [Read more...]

Pope Francis fails to lead a Christian life

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Last week, several news outlets were all buzzing about Pope Francis marking the start of his third year as leader of the Catholic Church.When I saw this, a question popped into my head that often does when considering fundamentalists or other religious zealots. So, why would I not ask this when considering the leader of one of the largest religious groups on the planet.For arguments' sake, let us pretend that the Bible does actually contain the unchallenged, inerrant word of the … [Read more...]

Ark Encounter officials have filed an injunction with the State of Kentucky

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According to a press release by Answers in Genesis this morning, Ark Encounter officials have asked for an injunction from the state in order to override the blocking of tax incentive money from Gov. Steven Beshear and his tourism secretary. This action takes place even after the organization filed a lawsuit against the state. AiG is asking the court that its rebate application be treated by the state as it would one filed by a non-religious group and go through the approval process without … [Read more...]

Since 2012 nearly 7.5 million Americans have lost their religion

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Here is some good news.According to a piece by the Religion News Service a report by General Social Survey was released for the year 2014 showing a massive drop in Americans who claim to hold onto a particular religion. Since 2012, nearly 7.5 million Americans have stated they are no longer active in a religion.The study, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, this massive study gives us the most accurate data on American society; including statistic about religion in s … [Read more...]

Carl Sagan’s son is a truther and believes the US is behind 9/11

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Jeremy Sagan, the son of  Carl Sagan from his first wife, biologist Lynn Margulis told Andrew Steele, the host of 9/11 Free Fall that he has grown suspicious of the 9/11 story and believes it is all a big "cover up." “Well, on first seeing it— I mean anyone seeing it can see that there’s something suspicious about it. I remember and –I think it was New Year’s 2002, I was at a friend’s house, you know, and some parents of another friends, and they were saying Bush could never do something like th … [Read more...]

I discuss politics and religion on the Godless Engineer videocast

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Earlier this month I went on the Godless Engineer videocast (a Google Hangout program) and discussed politics and religion.We discussed some of the current events such as climate change denial, women's right and my favorite, Ken Ham.You can view the full interview below. … [Read more...]

Kent ‘Dr. Dino’ Hovind found guilty of contempt


According to Pensecola News Journal, Kent Hovind, also known as Dr. Dino has been found guilty of contempt for filing paperwork disputing the government’s right to sell his property.The jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other four charges Hovind faced.The News Journal reported that, Hovind and his co-defendant Paul John Hansen are facing a six-count indictment for mail fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and contempt of court. The government alleges they filed fraudulent docu … [Read more...]

Usaid Siddiqui’s false claims of hypocrisy

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In an article from Al Jazeera, Usaid Siddiqui, a freelance writer for said publisher, called New Atheism's stance against Islam "hypocrisy".His position reads like many apologists for any faith: out of context quotes and positions that are understood only on the surface.First he cites the instance of a 69-year-old man who threw plaster grenades into a mosque in France after the Charlie Hebdo attack. He quotes the instigator as saying "I am a republican, an atheist, and what happened at … [Read more...]

Russell Brand tries to defend the existence of God with terrible arguments

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Russell Brand has decided to take on Stephen Fry over the existence of God. And how did it go?He should stick to comedy.His philosophical arguments are simply uneducated and not well thought out. His previous videos about not-voting are asinine at best, and thankfully those smarter than him have shut down that argument. He simply does not have a track record of being a solid voice for any of his positions, yet he doesn't shut up.So in this new video, Brand wants to defend the … [Read more...]

A visit to the Creation Museum. Part 2: Ken Ham’s fossil problem

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The following is a guest post by Thomas EsselKen Ham has a pesky problem on his hands – fossils. They are millions of years old and provide clues about the past. This is a problem if you think the earth is only 6000 years old and are famous for saying things like “were you there”. Luckily for Ken Ham, he lives in a world of pure imagination – just like Willy Wonka. In this world, all you have to do is simply be an ignorant fool and say some stupid things to make it all go away!To reconcil … [Read more...]