Come Lord Jesus: COMING soon!

Photo via Matthew O'Neil

Coming November 1, 2015, my second release, titled Come Lord Jesus: What the Bible Really Says (and Doesn't Say) About Sex. It is being released through Pitchstone Publishing. The description for the book reads: Addresses the often unhealthy and troublesome relationship between sex and religion, covering such issues as gay rights, reproductive rights, and abortion.People are constantly judged for their sexual choices, their frequency of sexual activity, their selection of partners, and … [Read more...]

Christian right-wing extremist group blamed for posting top law officials’ info

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FBI officials are investigating what they believe is a right-wing extremist group who posted the information, including home addresses of senior officials and former officials of the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies.The message along with the official's info, titled DHS-CIA-FBI TRAITORS HOME ADDRESSES said:"LET THESE EVIL NWO SATANISTS KNOW THAT THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY FOR THEIR 911 TREASON, AND THEIR FUTURE FEMA CAMP PLANNED P … [Read more...]

Bill Maher: ‘I’ve never argued that vaccines don’t work. I just don’t think you need them.’


Among the circles I run in, it is often a very unpopular opinion that I dislike Bill Maher. I just don't find him that funny for a list of reasons. While I can agree with him on many issues related to liberalism or religion, overall he just doesn't do it for me.I am often called out though because I refer to Maher as being an anti-vaxxer and many people claim he is not, he just thinks we should question "big pharma" and he seems to buy into vaccine related myths.Well, we can now put it … [Read more...]

Gods and Donuts


Once upon a time in a not so far away place, there lived a Christian. Over the years of her life, this Christian spoke to many people, read many books, and had many thoughts about the nature of God. Upon much reflection, this Christian changed her mind and became an atheist.Sound familiar?Many atheists come by their lack of belief in similar fashion and were once theists of some sort. When I was a theist, nobody could convince me that there wasn’t a god.The more someone pressed me, the m … [Read more...]

A Texas Christian couple fled the country after failing to raise a starved child from the dead

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In Texas, two church members have fled to Mexico after an anonymous tip was called into the local police that church members had been trying to resurrect a child from the dead.The child reportedly died a week earlier according to NBC News.According to a witness who called the police, [T]old investigators that a "rising ceremony" was held March 22 "to attempt to resurrect Victim from the dead." When that failed, the child was wrapped in a blanket and "taken back to Mexico," according to … [Read more...]

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should not be executed and America must abandon capital punishment


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a monster. When he and his brother set off bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon and later killed a police officer that resulted in a manhunt and shootout, they endangered the lives of so many Bostonians and the world watched on and wanted these men caught.There is no doubt that this young man is responsible, along with his brother, for the death of four innocent men and women and injuring countless others and ruining an unprecedented amount of lives.I was relieved the su … [Read more...]

Could the recent handling of controversies spell the end of Food Babe? Let’s hope so


Vani Hari, better know as The Food Babe is a fraud.Plain and simple, the work she does is dishonest, not based in science, profit driven and downright dangerous. (Like suggesting that people should not use sunscreen!)Armed with nothing more than a degree in computer science, Hari acts as a biologist, nutritionist, toxicologist and medical doctor all while holding zero degrees or training in any of them.In 2011 she sent out a tweet claiming the flu shot was used as tool for … [Read more...]

Resurrecting more garbage in A.D. the Series

Image: Resurrection of Christ, Frescoe in the vault of the Parrish Church in Zirl, Austria, via WikiMedia

So last night we saw the second installment of "A.D.", the TV series dedicated to spreading the myth and half-truths of the biblical account of Jesus of Nazareth's death, resurrection, and, I'll have to assume, spread of his ministry.I'll start by saying a lot of the issues I had with last week's episode are repeated in this one; calling Jesus a "Nazarene", the disciples staying in Jerusalem, and the insatiable concern over the death of Jesus by Caiaphas and Pilate. With that said, here we … [Read more...]

Von Daniken’s Delusion: Yahweh the Space Alien

Photo: YouTube screencapture

Finally, Von Daniken enters a world I’m quite familiar with. In his chapter Was God An Astronaut? he primarily focuses on the bible, particularly the book of Genesis. As his past chapters have gone, it’s to no surprise that he takes a very hard, literal understanding of the text in order to develop his arguments. In other cases, he’s just flat-out wrong.He begins the chapter by saying:“Genesis, for example, begins with the creation of the earth, which is reported with absolute geolo … [Read more...]

Pepsi and the Creation Museum: Should we care?


So over on Reddit this week a user spotted something funny about an ad for the Creation Museum on the back of a truck. Pepsi logos.Now, corporate sponsorships of museums and attractions are nothing new, and even though many of us disagree with and or see the message of creationism as being harmful to children, it makes a weak case to force Pepsi to abandon this when they can probably cite some small return on investment, and sadly this is what drives profit based business with … [Read more...]