What Does Fear Lead To?: A Homily on Star Wars, Yoda, and John the Baptist

Advent 3C — Luke (Skywalker?) 3:7-18 Advent 3C — Luke (Skywalker?) 3:7-18 I have been waiting for this particular week in December for more than year. That’s because this weekend, the new Star Wars film finally debuts. See, I’ve been a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy my entire life. In fact, my [Read More…]

The Tragedy of the Syrian Samaritan: A Parable Retold in Times of Terrorism

There was once a governor who was traveling and was beset by terrorists on the road. They bombed his motorcade and left him for dead on the roadside. Now, by chance, a fellow conservative politician was passing by and saw the wreckage of the terrorist attack. Angered and disgusted, he immediately made plans to ban [Read More…]

God Our Midwife: Birthing Peace from Violence and War

Proper 28 — Mark 13:1-8 There will be wars, and rumors of wars, and wars that will shake the foundations of the world and your faith in humanity. There will be death. There will be disaster. There will be all manner of things in this life to rattle your soul. There will be worry, anxiety, [Read More…]

6 Reasons Why Ben Carson’s Tax Plan is NOT Biblical (The Exploitative Politics of the Widow’s Mite)

Mark 12:18-34 — Proper 27 The widow’s mite is a symbol of economic exploitation, not of sacrificial giving. The widow is not an icon of generosity, but a victim of the wealthy. Long a favorite of religious professionals during stewardship season, the point of the story of the widow isn’t that she had faith enough to [Read More…]

Liberation is A Movement, Not a Moment: Why Every Christian Should Watch ROOM

Room isn’t just an enthralling and moving film that undeniably boasts two of the best performances of the year, if not the decade. It’s also an important movie. Without a doubt, much can be said about the performances of Brie Larson as Ma and of Jacob Tremblay as her son, Jack. Both deliver two of [Read More…]

Should Boys Dress as Female Characters for Halloween? What About Genocidal Maniacs?

For the past two Halloweens, both of my young sons have chosen to dress up as female characters instead of male ones. Last year, my youngest went as Sabine Wren, the artist provocateur from Star Wars Rebels, and this year my oldest is dressing up as Valka, the mother of Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon [Read More…]

Why I Bless Halloween Costumes at Church

I love Halloween. Always have. I loved Halloween as a teenager so much that I continued to dress up and Trick or Treat throughout high school and drag my friends along with me.  As an adult, taking my kids out on Halloween night, it has become even more magical. There is something special to me, in [Read More…]

The Problem with Tipping a Pizza Delivery Person $1,050

This is really heartwarming. I love that this church did this. If someone handed me $1,050 it would make a massive difference and I’d probably have the same reaction. Honestly? I had the same reaction when a stranger anonymously paid for my new dress shoes recently. It really did send ripples of goodwill out into my life, and that [Read More…]

What Job and God Learn From Each Other: Prophetic Grief Meets Prophetic Beauty (A Homily)

Proper 24 — Job 38 — Year B Earlier this month, a gunman went on a shooting rampage at a community college in Oregon, millions of Syrian refugees fled a bloody civil war where thousands have been killed, and we were reminded again that there have been more gun deaths in the United States since [Read More…]

Lethal Ideology: Watching the New MALALA Film after Another School Shooting

  A movie about a school shooting hits theaters this week, a tragically timely release. The film documents the aftermath of a school bus shooting in which three girls were wounded and one of whom almost died. But this crime didn’t occur in the United States. It happened in Pakistan. The shooters were from the Taliban. And [Read More…]