Roy Moore Plumbs the Depths of Evangelical Depravity

There’s nothing they won’t tolerate, just as long as the guy responsible is on “our team”. Read more

The Fountainhead: Special Delivery

Geology: surprisingly erotic. Read more

Lifting the Shadow

Science is always giving us new powers to push back the darkness. Read more

Dystopia Journal #11: Better Late than Never

Where were all of you last year? Read more

The Fountainhead: Meet Cute

She glimpsed his cruel and pitiless face, and it was love at first sight. Read more

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Atheistic Pessimism

Atheism doesn’t strip us of hope, but it does strip us of false hope. Read more

The Chains We Make For Ourselves: A Humanist Sermon

It’s true that millions of people are victims of circumstance, but it’s equally true that there are millions more whose burdens are entirely of their own making. Read more

The Fountainhead: Wool and Linen

The view of architecture as a language shows what’s so absurd about Roark’s stubbornness and arbitrary rules. Read more

Movie Review: The Brand New Testament

The Brand New Testament, a 2015 independent film from Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael, is a surreal, subversive comedy that parodies the theodicies dreamed up by religious apologists. When I heard about its premise, I had to see it for myself. In Van Dormael’s vision, God exists, and he’s a cruel, foul-tempered old man, like a senior citizen who spends his time yelling at neighborhood kids to get off his lawn. He lives in a dingy, disheveled apartment somewhere above… Read more

A Fireside Dialogue

1. A Portent Late on a wild and blustery autumn night, I was sitting in my study, sprawled out in a comfortable armchair, staring off into the middle distance. The fireplace held a swirl of ashes and dying embers, glowing faintly. In their uncertain light, my shadow stretched out before me, long and distorted, and flowed formlessly up the wall like a clutching vine. Beyond the windows, clouds wafted across the moon, and a wood of black trees shivered and… Read more

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