October 15, 2018

This was the greatest test humanity has ever faced, and it looks more and more like we’re going to fail it. Read more

October 12, 2018

Florida swampland for sale! Read more

October 10, 2018

All collections of religious doctrine are equally arbitrary and unfounded. Read more

October 8, 2018

By James A. Haught Blasphemy isn’t a dirty word. It simply means voicing doubts about supernatural religious claims. That’s normal for intelligent, science-minded people. They merely express their honest conclusions about alleged magical, invisible spirits. Yet doubting gods has caused executions, murders, stonings, burnings and other horrible punishments for millennia. Believers are so touchy about their dogmas that they sometimes kill questioners. The Bible mandates death for criticizing the holies. “Whoever blasphemes the name of the Lord shall surely be… Read more

October 5, 2018

Nature and wilderness aren’t just a waste of space. Read more

October 3, 2018

By James A. Haught Reason – logical thinking by intelligent minds – proves clearly that the compassionate, all-powerful god of religion cannot exist. Simple logic clinches it, as follows: When a woman is dying of breast cancer, or a child is dying of leukemia – and relatives pray desperately – why does the alleged god let most victims die? If the god cannot save them, he isn’t all-powerful. If he could, but doesn’t want to save them, he’s heartless, not… Read more

October 1, 2018

As part of my ongoing speaking tour with Andrew Murtagh for our joint book Meta, I’ll be in Indianapolis, IN this month for two live events. If you’re in the neighborhood, come out and see us! The first event will be at Butler University, moderated by the chaplain of Grace Unlimited, the campus Episcopal/Lutheran ministry: WHAT: Debate and conversation with Andrew Murtagh, moderated by Rev. Dr. Charles Allen; audience Q&A and book signing to follow WHEN: Thursday, October 25, 2018,… Read more

September 29, 2018

This has been a good year for new music from some of my favorite bands, and Metric is keeping the trend going with Art of Doubt, a return to their classic synth-y rock-and-roll sound. “Risk” might be my favorite thing that they’ve ever done, but this is a close second: Read more

September 28, 2018

But not according to The Fountainhead. Read more

September 26, 2018

We’re already past the first step of the famous “First they came for…” warning, and there’s no telling who will be scapegoated next. Read more

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