Nobody wins because of Trump, not even other members of his party or people who supported him. Read more

Sam Harris’ refusal to believe that white intellectuals practice identity politics like everyone else leads him into a blind spot of giving aid and comfort to outright racists. Read more

While I was in Edmonton, Andrew Murtagh and I did an interview with the evangelical author Randal Rauser (but he’s Canadian – that term doesn’t signify the same things there as it does in the U.S.), for his podcast The Tentative Apologist. That episode is online now: We talk about the problem of evil, designing a just society, and how much people of different philosophical backgrounds and worldviews can really have in common, morally speaking. Check it out! Read more

The paradox of a misanthrope building a temple intended to uplift humanity. Read more

A mayoral election brings winds of change to a one-time cult stronghold. Read more

When I wrote about the downfall of Lawrence Krauss last month, I said that his case would be a precedent for the next time this happens, “and there will be a next time, I have no doubt of that”. I just wasn’t expecting it to be so soon: Last night, the American Atheists Board of Directors voted to terminate David Silverman as President of American Atheists. …On April 10, 2018, the Board of Directors placed President David Silverman on leave… Read more

Depression, weakness, compassion, and other emotions we should never feel. Read more

The religious right has a long history of trying to shelter followers from contrary opinions for their own good. Read more

Teachers’ strikes sweep the red states, and why Republican hostility to education goes beyond mere callous neglect. Read more

The Fountainhead, part 2, chapter 10 Before we move on, I want to say some more about the Enright House, whose ribbon-cutting was earlier in this chapter. Its physical description, which is a stew of metaphors about rock crystals combined with uncomfortably religious and/or sexual language, is almost impossible to picture – but its purpose is clear. Rand says that Roger Enright wanted to build an apartment building, with each unit complete and isolated like an expensive private home… In… Read more

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