Christians practice a deliberate policy of cruelty, aimed at the most vulnerable people imaginable. Read more

The man who could have been… a more interesting protagonist for this novel. Read more

[Note: This is the second of two guest posts by Dr. Karen L. Garst that I agreed to run to get the word out about her two published books on atheism and feminism. For more information, see the previous post. —Adam] A guest post by Dr. Karen L. Garst Anyone who has left religion, whether it was a fundamentalist religion or a more liberal variety, knows the role that religion plays on our mental psyche. We feel guilt that we… Read more

This is neither a specifically atheist problem nor a specifically Christian problem, but society’s problem. Read more

I think there’s something she wants to tell us about herself: Read more

The era-defining economic disaster of the 20s and 30s… is completely ignored by this novel. Read more

I was on a mini-vacation this weekend in Hudson, N.Y., a pleasant little upstate town that used to be an industrial center and is reinventing itself as a hipster tourist mecca. I spent the weekend relaxing rather than writing, but I did take a few pictures: Stopped off along the way in Kingston, another delightful Hudson Valley town, specifically to visit this bookstore. Not just an excellent indie bookseller, it also had an impressive craft beer list. They’re best known… Read more

The Fountainhead echoes the Nazi ethic of treating the disabled as “life unworthy of life”. Read more

The moral difference between the nonreligious and the wicked xenophobia of white Christians is almost literally night and day. Read more

Irish voters blow away one of the last dark clouds of Catholic theocracy that lingered over their country. Read more

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