New Zealand’s new prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, is emblematic of the rising generation of progressives that’s going to run the world. Read more

I posted this original super-short story on Twitter a few weeks ago, but I don’t think I ever reposted it here. So, enjoy… Read more

Suburban sprawl and the real costs of commuting. Read more

By James A. Haught Young seekers of truth go through a phase of wondering whether life has any discernible meaning. Why are we here? Why does the universe exist? Is there a purpose to it all? This is the ultimate question, overarching all others. The seekers usually plunge into philosophy, and spend years sweating over “being” and “essence” – and quibbling over how the mind obtains knowledge – and how we determine reality – and how language shapes our comprehension…. Read more

Hey all, Today I’m announcing a change to my post schedule, for reasons I’ll explain. I’m cutting back on blogging for a while, from three posts a week to two, to devote my time to another project. But never fear, Daylight Atheism isn’t going to be idle. At the same time I reluctantly reached this decision, I got an e-mail from Dale McGowan, our redoubtable editor here at Patheos, with an intriguing offer from someone who was interested in coming… Read more

We knew on election night that this was coming, but it doesn’t make this any less of a bitter pill to swallow. It’s simultaneously the worst and most foreseeable consequence of the Trump presidency. Most of this administration’s other mischief is fixable if a friendly president replaces this one, but the harm that’s going to be done by a hard-right Supreme Court will last for decades. It’s not as if we weren’t already heading down this path. Anthony Kennedy was… Read more

Suburbs, white flight, and the enduring legacy of American racism. Read more

This weekend, I went to one of the 600+ nationwide protests against our fascist presidential administration’s policy of splitting up families at the border. This one was held at the Rockville Centre train station on Long Island. It was a blazing hot day, but the crowd was large – I’m guessing about 400 to 500 people, spanning all ages from the elderly to families pushing babies in strollers – and the mood was energetic and upbeat. I was impressed by… Read more

Why investigative journalism is evil. Read more

I’ve given up hope for Bangladesh, where Islamist gangs continue to murder freethinkers and atheists with impunity while the government sits on its hands. The latest martyr to reason is the publisher Shahzahan Bachchu, who was assassinated earlier this month. Since Bangladesh’s government can’t or won’t protect its citizens, the only recourse I see for secularists is to leave the country. Thankfully, the International Humanist and Ethical Union is making this possible, there and elsewhere, through its Protect Humanists at… Read more

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