Book Update

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished the first chapter of the book I’ve been working on. (Actually it’s been finished for over a week – my apologies for procrastinating on the announcement.) Although this chapter has taken almost a month to write, it will probably end up being the one with the most original material in the entire book. My plan is for subsequent chapters to incorporate substantial parts of my Ebon Musings essays, so I expect them to take considerably less time to put together.

As before, anyone who’s interested in reading the chapter and offering feedback, provided they are a regular commenter, is eligible to read it. E-mail me or leave a comment if interested.

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You Got Your Ideology in My Atheism!
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Adam Lee is an atheist writer and speaker living in New York City. His new novel, City of Light, is available in paperback and e-book. Read his full bio, or follow him on Twitter.

  • Dominic Self

    I’d be interested, and would offer as much feedback as I could though I can’t promise any of it would be worthwhile :-)

  • Prof. V.N.K.Kumar ( India )

    I am very keen to read your first chapter. I can give my reaction as a common man.

  • nowoo

    I’m a longtime reader who became an atheist over a year ago with help from your essays and blog posts. I’m not a regular comment poster, so I understand if that makes me ineligible, but I’d be honored to read your chapter and provide feedback. I wish you all the best with your book project.

  • tobe38


    I’d be delighted to read your first chapter and offer any feedback I can.

  • Elfstone

    I’m not a regular commenter because if I were I’d be labeled an ebonmuse-groupie! :P
    I’d love to read and give an opinion though!

  • tobe38

    Elfstone said:

    I’m not a regular commenter because if I were I’d be labeled an ebonmuse-groupie! :P

    Oh dear lord, we’re ‘blogger groupies’!

  • Jude

    I would like to read your first chapter and give you feedback. I love your blog.

  • bassmanpete

    Ditto comment number 1 by Dominic Self.

  • Nes

    Sign me up!

  • Mark C.

    I must say the same as nowoo: I’ve been a reader of Ebon Musings for several years (and have read everything but most of the deconversion stories), but at the same time, I’m not a regular commenter, so I realize that I’m probably ineligible, as well.

    But at the same time, I would very much like to contribute to your book with feedback, so you can make it the best atheist book out there (the downside is that when I purchase the book, I’ll know some of what’s coming). I own and have read Natural Atheism, Atheist Universe, The End of Faith, and No Sense of Obligation, and found each of them lacking. If you have read any of these, I’m providing my feedback on them below (though it’s been quite a while since I’ve read them).

    Natural Atheism: Very, very good and comprehensive, but too dry and wordy, and it is targeted squarely at atheists and no one else. Also, Eller’s chapter six is flawed, if I remember correctly, due to his sloppy phrasing of a particular proposition he was operating on with logic–this is something I thought he would NOT do (again, assuming I remember correctly, heh). The tone is spiteful, and he makes the rather stupid proposal that we eliminate the word “believe” from our discourse.

    Atheist Universe: Good, but TOO SHORT! The author goes into physics to make an argument, which is unwise if the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to convey advanced scientific concepts to the lay person, and somewhere along the line concepts get distorted, redefined, and mangled, to where what the scientist is trying to say and what the lay person understands are not the same thing. This is especially true of talk regarding dimensions and the Big Bang. Also, though some theists might try to connect pornography with atheism, his chapter on pornography struck me as rather out-of-place, and he spent too much time on his French ballet analogy. Though I enjoyed the book, the author doesn’t strike me as being intellectual enough, so to speak, to make a meaningful contribution to atheist literature. But it definitely must be said that his tone isn’t too bad (if I recall).

    The End of Faith: My last two critiques were rather wordy, so I’ll try to shorten this. What’s telling is that I don’t have as much to say about this book, anyway. Sam Harris is too confrontational, and his grouping of moderates with fundamentalists isn’t going to do anyone any good, even IF moderates contribute, via partial sanction, to fundamentalists’ actions. And meditation is all well and good, but I don’t think such things belong in a great atheist book, or at least if they’re there, they shouldn’t occupy such a large percentage of the book.

    No Sense of Obligation: Written by an atheist, though he goes along with Judaic tradition and such (a nominal Jew). Not a very effective book from that point of view, but everyone’s favorite Muser doesn’t have that problem, methinks. Good book–I like it better than The End of Faith–but it, like Natural Atheism, comes across as kind of dry, and he spends WAY too much time on examples of faith leading to strange things. It’s not quite the kind of thing I think an atheist book should be. Then again, it’s primarily about science and superstition, so maybe I’m swinging at an invisible opponent, heh.

    I hope your book can profit from these small critiques of mine. The writing in your essays is absolutely superb, so I want to see this book of yours turn out to be a diamond in the rough among atheist literature. And though it might be asking too much of you, I would also like to see plenty of original material in other chapters (define “plenty” as you will). For readers of Ebon Musings, it would be a shame to get through almost all of the new material so early into the book.

    But regardless, I will be very much inclined to buy this book. :) Good luck to ya!

  • ellen

    Adam, I’d be delighted to read and comment also. Like a couple of others, I was influenced by the material on this site (among other sources) to become an atheist a couple of years ago. Read often but don’t post too much, so….
    You can email me at templewhore at (or the email “required”) if you like.

  • stillwaters

    Wonderful news! I’m so glad to hear you’re making some progress with this enterprise. I’m optimistic that the good feelings you get when it is complete and successful will far outweigh the long hours and extra effort I’m sure you have been spending on this. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and please add me to your email list. I would very much like to read through your first chapter and provide some feedback.

  • Prof. V.N.K.Kumar ( India )

    I enjoyed reading the first draft of your book’s first chapter. Having never written a book myself, I do not know the problems of authors. But I guess, like most authors, you must have started off writing with an overall plan in mind. Without knowing that plan, it is difficult to say whether the first chapter is an apt introduction to the rest of the book or not. However taking this chapter as a paper, I will say that I have not read anything like this anywhere. It is excellent, cogent and convincing and the reader will certainly become curious to know what is in the following chapters.So the purpose of the first chapter is served. Isn’t it ? Please carry on with the good work, Adam.