Book Update

I’ve finished the third chapter of my book, which deals with the argument from evil and draws on my Ebon Musings essay “All Possible Worlds“. As before, any regular commenter who’s interested in reading the chapter and offering feedback is welcome to do so. E-mail me or leave a comment if interested.

I’d like to stress something here: This offer is open to regular commenters, not just to people who read my site. I’d like to foster a strong community of atheists and freethinkers on this site, and this offer is intended as a reward and as thanks for people who’ve put in the time and effort to helping me achieve that goal. Being a regular commenter doesn’t mean you have to comment on every post – but I want to at least know who you are and what you think! If you’re not yet a commenter, it’s never too late to become one.

"I would 100% live in the Clayr's library if I could."

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SF/F Saturday: The Old Kingdom

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