Book Update

I’m pleased to announce I’ve finished the sixth chapter of my book, which lays out the case for atheism as a positive worldview. This chapter draws on my essay “Life of Wonder” on Ebon Musings and from several posts from the Garden here on Daylight Atheism.

I think you all know the drill by now. Who’s interested in reading it?

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About Adam Lee

Adam Lee is an atheist writer and speaker living in New York City. His new novel, City of Light, is available in paperback and e-book. Read his full bio, or follow him on Twitter.

  • Alex Weaver

    It may take me a little while to get to it, but I’d very much like to. ^.^

  • Lynet

    Oh, goody. I’ve been looking forward to this half. Please count me in.

  • Stuart Coleman

    I second Lynet’s comment, I think the chapters like these are going to be the best.

  • Stephen

    Wow, I’d love to read it. Do you have any idea when you think your book will be done?

  • John Nernoff

    I’m interested in your biography and real name. Are you a “well-known” previously published skeptic or atheist? May I find you under your real name in Amazon?

  • Callandor

    As with the previous chapter, I’d like to read this one too. I always make time to read great cases for the positives of atheism, no matter the things to do the day I read.

  • James Bradbury

    Me too! :)

  • Glenn Decker

    Even though I don’t know the difference between Marx and Nietsche (although I do know that E=mc^2 so everyone thinks I understand relativity), I think I could bring a criticial eye to bear on your book project. That plus an aversion to people claiming to know “the Truth”. GD

  • C. L. Hanson

    Send me one too, please! :D

  • Spanish Inquisitor

    Having read most of Ebonmusings and most of the posts here, I think I’ll pass. No offense, because I’d love to read it, but I think I’m going to wait to buy the book, so I can savor it all in one pass.

  • jack

    Yes, I definitely want to read chapter 6. You’re making great progress.

  • Greta Christina

    Sure, I’m game. I haven’t done any previous chapters, but I’d love to start.

  • Prof.V.N.K.Kumar (India)

    Not being a published author even in my life-long field of expertise, which was management science, I cannot have the temerity to pass comments on books-in-the-making. However, I certainly would enjoy reading the draft copy of the latest chapter.

  • Nes

    I think I’m going to wait to buy the book, so I can savor it all in one pass.

    Which is why I stopped asking to review it after the first few chapters :)

    I’m interested in your biography and real name.

    A look around the site, and possibly on Ebon Musings, should reveal his name. It’s not like Adam makes a secret out of it ;) I don’t remember what his last name is, but it’s been mentioned a few times, usually in reference to being interviewed or appearing on a podcast I think.

    Ahh, here, I did the work for you and found an article he wrote for Freethought Today (or is that just a post from here that got reused there?) with the help of a brief mention in this comment that he had written for that website. (Though I did get to cheat a little, as I already knew his first name, but that would have been really easy to figure out from various comments anyway).

  • Petrucio

    Count me in!

  • J Myers

    I would like to read it–is a comment here all that’s required? Are you interested in feedback?

  • Trung

    I’d love to read it, but I think I’ll wait for the book. This way, I can read all at once. Can’t wait.

  • Ebonmuse

    At this time, I’m only sending out chapters of my book to regular commenters on this site. Of course, if you’re a lurker or first-time poster, it’s never too late to become a regular commenter.