Book Update

I’ve finished chapter 7 of my book. The chapter is titled “Shattering Stereotypes” and refutes some of the most widely held misconceptions about atheism. It draws on several posts from this site and essays from Ebon Musings, including “Red Crimes“, “Turning Away Anger“, and others.

As in the past, I’m making this chapter available to regular commenters on this site for editorial review and critique. If you fit that description and would like to review it, please let me know.

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About Adam Lee

Adam Lee is an atheist writer and speaker living in New York City. His new novel, City of Light, is available in paperback and e-book. Read his full bio, or follow him on Twitter.

  • Prof.V.N.K.Kumar (India)

    Yes sir, I am indeed keen on reading the draft of your 7th chapter. You say it is based on many of your previous write-ups, but I am sure I will find some new perspectives in this essay. So please include me in the readership list.

  • Stuart Coleman

    I’d like to read it also, even though I’ve been taking forever with 6. This will remind me to get back on it.

  • terrence

    Me too, thanks.

  • jack

    Add me to the list!

  • Craig

    Me as well please.

  • Petrucio

    I’m in.

  • Yoyo

    as a fairly recent but keen commentator may i join the list?

  • Alex Weaver

    *waves hand* ^.^

  • Ron

    Please include me if you will. I’d love to give it a read through.

  • Callandor

    Definitely would love to read it.

  • E.B.

    I also would like to take a crack at it.

  • Prof.V.N.K.Kumar (India)

    This chapter was simply beautiful. Does the critique have to be critical always ? Appreciation can also be a feedback, isn’t it ? Of course the write-up is cogent as it is. But then you may be refining it further before sending it to the press.”May God bless you” or whatever the equivalent phrase is for Humanists like us.

  • Lynet

    Almost I wish I’d put up my hand! But I’m a few months into a whole year of not (formally) studying and I’m getting steadily more bored and I get the feeling that if things had kept going the way they were my comments would have rapidly approached the ‘write your own damn book’ limit. So since I don’t have the staying power to write my own book, I think I’ll stick to writing my own damn short poems.