New Post on Dangerous Intersection

For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, I have a new post up on Dangerous Intersection, “Joe Klein is not a journalist“.

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Weekend Coffee: March 28
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  • Joffan

    On a loosely related note:

    Politics and religion is a dangerous mix, as has been amply demonstrated over many times and many nations. The current example is a British teacher working in Sudan who allowed her young class to name a teddy bear back in September. Unfortunately for her, the name they chose was “Muhammed”, and this innocent exercise has now been used as an excuse to arrest the teacher and close the school; quite possibly because the children were being exposed to people from outside their culture who were not the demons that the political/religious leaders wanted to portray them as.

    Job loss, arrest and imprisonment on religious pretexts… let’s see, where have we heard that one?

  • Scholar

    Ebonmuse is the (fill in appropriate) of atheism.

    A. Michael Jordan
    B. Tiger Woods
    C. Harry Connick Jr.

  • DamienSansBlog

    Joffan, now that you’ve brought it up…

    Ebon, would it be possible to make a post on the Sudan affair? It’s all I can hear about on the sole English-speaking radio station here (which happens to be a Christian broadcaster), and if it’s such a big deal for believers, it might be worth investigating for the rest of us.