Open Thread: The Internet Infidels Situation

In light of the continuing, and in fact worsening, fiasco at the IIDB discussion forum, I’m creating an open thread to document the continuing misuses of power. The Internet Infidels Board of Directors is now engaged in a full-scale effort to rewrite history, shuttering feedback forums, deleting countless threads on IIDB that have been critical of their recent actions, and banning numerous members without warning as punishment for dissent. (The stated reason for those bans is “useless complaining“, which I think speaks volumes about the Board’s attitude.)

In response, I want to document their actions and disseminate that information as widely as possible, so that new users who are considering joining IIDB will have the best chance to make an informed decision. If you are a former or current IIDB member who’d like to post your story, please do so here. I’ll also compile posts and threads from other forums that are relevant.

Post from IIDB Board of Directors announcing that complaints about board management “will no longer be accepted as a topic for discussion”

• Reposted statement from II board member “The Other Michael”: “There’s only room for one prima donna in this ballet troupe, and that’s gonna be me

Thread on the forum, containing numerous testimonials from veteran posters, moderators, and administrators explaining why they left IIDB

Detailed timeline of events at Rants & Raves

Another timeline at Rants & Raves

List of moderators and administrators who’ve resigned, at Heathen Hangout

I also recommend the following internet discussion forums instead of IIDB:

Rants & Raves

Freethought Forum Forum

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