New Post on Dangerous Intersection

I have a new post up on Dangerous Intersection, “How the mainstream media has failed us“. The post is about an essay by John Hockenberry, an award-winning reporter and former correspondent for NBC’s Dateline, that’s a devastating indictment of the standard operating practices of network TV news.

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Weekend Bonus Music: Hard Believer
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  • Kevin Morgan

    Great post, Ebonmuse. And isn’t it just sickening the way Kevin Martin and the FCC passed the legislation to allow MORE media consolidation? I guess Rupert Murdoch will be buying up the rest of the countries radio, TV, newpapers, cable and ISP’s so we can have Faux World 24/7 on every channel. If it’s not on TV, it’s not happening…

  • Gary

    That is an excellent and enlightening article. Thank you for pointing it out to me.