New Post on Dangerous Intersection

I’ve put up a new post on Dangerous Intersection, “Barack Obama gets it right“.

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  • natefoo

    Hi Ebon,

    I apologize for posting this on the wrong thread, but I came late to the Ellen Johnson one and it’s now derailed and closed.

    The most disturbing thing about Ms. Johnson’s reply is the entire concept of this secret, underhanded plan to fool the politicians in to pandering to us. I have the highest respect for the public figures of the modern Atheist movement largely because they are generally open and intellectually honest. In situations like this, they never use such “dirty” tactics.

    Hopefully others who’ve read Ms. Johnson’s odd, conspiratorial reply will publicly denounce her as I have. These sorts of tactics are the ones normally used by those we oppose, and they do not represent me.

    As an afterthought – I also think it’s shocking that she feels that Democratic campaign lackeys won’t discover her secret plans when she mails them out so freely.