Some Items of Note

I have two short announcements to bring to your attention:

• Daylight Atheism commenter Eshu has started his own blog, Bridging Schisms. If the first few posts are any indication, it ought to be a fine addition to the ranks of the atheist blogosphere. Go check it out and tell him I sent you!

• John Loftus of Debunking Christianity will soon be releasing a book, Why I Became an Atheist. I haven’t read it yet, but he’s collected some superb endorsements. It definitely ought to be worth looking into.

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  • InTheImageOfDNA

    I’ve read the self-published pre-curser, Why I Rejected Christianity to Loftus’s new book to be published by Prometheus. It is an excellent resource as well as read. I’d certainly recommend it.

  • Eshu

    Thanks for the plug!

  • Samuel Skinner

    Just out of curiousity, does anyone know how many atheist blogs there are now?

  • OMGF

    For starters, you could get an estimation by checking out the Out Campaign Blogroll.