Open Thread: Shameless Self-Promotion Day

Since I’ve just wrapped up my series on blogging, it seemed appropriate to do this. This is an open thread purely for the purposes of self-promotion.

If you keep a blog or other site that you want us to know about, then now’s the time! Feel free to leave a comment below telling us about yourself and your site: who you are, what you write about, and why we should be interested. (No commercial sites, please: this is not an invitation to spammers, obviously.) Both new and established bloggers are welcome to join in. You can do this however you like, but of course creativity will help you stand out from the pack. Show off your writing talent and hook us in!

About Adam Lee

Adam Lee is an atheist writer and speaker living in New York City. His new novel, City of Light, is available in paperback and e-book. Read his full bio, or follow him on Twitter.

  • Ebonmuse

    To get the ball rolling, here’s my own contribution for this site:

    For too long, atheists have been banished to the shadows of society, marginalized and invisible. It’s time we stepped into the daylight and took our rightful place, and I created Daylight Atheism to do just that.

    Daylight Atheism is a weblog dedicated to upholding the proposition that atheism is a courageous and life-affirming philosophy, one that embodies the traits – a commitment to free speech, secularism, fearless skepticism, and devotion to reason – that our society needs the most. I update the site multiple times per week with essays and commentary on science, skepticism, philosophy, media, politics, and the delusions of popular culture, all enlivened by a thriving, friendly community of commenters.

    I’ll never hesitate to skewer the pretensions and hypocrisies of fanatics, but more importantly, I strive to promote a positive view of atheism and humanism, to outline a secular ethics, and explore how human beings can live rich, meaningful lives of happiness and peace free from religion. And I like to think I’ve made an impact: in three years of regular writing, I’ve been quoted in The God Delusion, singled out for attack by the Republican Party, and I’ve met fellow atheists from the far corners of the world to the New York subway. If you, like me, believe that it’s time for atheists to take a stand and raise our banner with pride, then you’ll find kindred spirits and friends on Daylight Atheism. Come by and introduce yourself – our doors are always open!

  • Charlotte

    My blog, Collective Bargaining in Outer Space, began when I discovered Battlestar Galactica fanfiction. I got obsessed with it, and I started writing about it. By day, I am a professional historian, and many of my posts are about research, teaching, students, colonial America, caroline absolutism, and why it is important to get along with the administrative staff. Mine is probably the only blog on the internet that regularly references both William Penn and Laura Roslin.

  • MS Quixote


    If you’re trying to be a professional writer, you have to blog. Period.

    Hey Greta, I didn’t think you atheist types were into the guilt thing :) But I appreciate the advice. My first novel is slated for release on April 1, 2009 (yes, I see the humor). Ebon got me thinking of blogging with the last two posts, but based on your mandate, I guess I’ll be forced to try. Naturally, y’all will be welcome.

    Ebon, sorry if that’s not what you had in mind; I just assumed that’s what you meant.

  • db0

    If you are a geek, an atheist, a socialist or an Epicurean, you might find the Division by Zer0 as an interesting stop in your online web travels. If you’re all of the above, then you certainly will.

    I do not care to focus around Atheism as I do not find it to have any cohesiveness (indeed an atheist can be left or right, authoritarian or libertarian, skeptic or denialist) but I do write from an atheist perspective on various subjects, and perhaps a point of view that comes from outside the U.S.A. or G.Britain might be refreshing as well.

    Mainly you will find personal thoughts, ideas and opinions that do not always walk the popular road. If you’re thick skinned enough to handle the controversy you’re welcome to come in and attempt to discuss. Hopefully one of us will come out of it as a better person.

  • Moody834

    Well, I’ll take the plunge. However, the caveat is simply that I am nowhere near in the same league as Ebon here. I may someday actively aspire to blog like Ebon, but for now that’s like saying someday I may aspire to write like Hunter S. Thompson.

    Anyway… Prior to taking up Ebon’s good advice on how to blog well, this is what my blog looks like. We’ll have to see how things change from here on out, but unless I stop commuting so far and working so freakin’ much there’s not a lot of hope for there being immediate results.

    What you can expect: a mishmash of ideas and happenstance, from Firefox add-on reviews to rants against religion, from the personal to the impersonal.

    Feel free to comment (critique or kudos, s’up to you) or just say hello. Thanks.

  • OrneryPest

    Well, okay, I’ll brag, then. My main blog, which I do an entry almost daily, is called My Demented Diary at and it’s a trivial bit of ranting every day, usually making fun of some aspect of religion. My more serious blog, not updated very often, is called A Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow at and it consists of slightly more serious essays about deeper thoughts, usually on more or less humanist-oriented topics. The two are linked together. If you find one you can get to the other. I don’t expect to ever see fame and fortune from either one.

  • cl

    Thought I wouldn’t?

    I’m cl, some of you know me, others not as much so. My blog is called The Warfare Is Mental. I write about as many things as possible. I write about religion, atheism, being a human, drinking too much, whatever I might be feeling. As far as telling a little bit about me, well… by trade I’m a writer. Which lately has mostly entailed running a small niche publishing and distribution firm I founded, a few published books, too many embarrassing newspaper and magazine articles. I am also a creative writer and member of WGA, having written screenplays and produced television scripts. I also freelance in the web and print design worlds.

    I would say I’ve been studying this stuff semi-seriously in formal and independent settings for about 17 years now. There’s likely much on my blog that needs my attention, but I offer the following as solid samples of recent work and your comments are more than welcomed. I love the debates and I thank you all for participating!

    And thank you Ebonmuse for giving me a chance. I think in time you’ll find I’m not ignorant, irrational, credulous, mockworthy, or shameworthy at all – just another guy trying to make sense of it all.

    False Argument #12: Atheism Is Scientifically Tenable

    On Begging The Question And The Futility Of Circular Argumentation

    An Important Point In My Religious History

    The Biblical Distinction Between Soul And Spirit: or, My Response To ‘A Ghost In The Machine’ – Part I

    The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation, or, My Response To ‘A Ghost In The Machine’ – Part II

  • cl

    I would also echo Quixote’s comment – I was a professional writer long before I ever even thought of starting a blog, so my experience has proven that a professional writer need not have a blog at all.

  • cognitive dissident

    Since I’m shameless by nature, I don’t know how I can resist an opportunity for self-promotion…

    I’m a liberal atheist, and my blogging comes from that vantage point. I’ve been blogging (pseudonymously) at cognitive dissident for a few years, about a wide variety of subjects: politics, religion, media criticism, LGBT issues, and general geekery…really, whatever either makes me think, pisses me off, or stirs my sense of wonder.

    I’m a junkie for the written word, so books and magazine articles are common fodder for my ramblings—as are many (too many!) other blogs. My other vices are comic books, music (mostly jazz and classical), and the dwindling conceit that my blogging will ever lead to writing a book.

    Feel free to stop by and throw some comments—or darts, if you’re so inclined—at whatever catches your attention. I love conversing about this stuff, but get few opportunities IRL.

  • Luke

    Well, this has nothing to do with anything even remotely close to the topics of this awesome blog except in that it’s mine and I happen to be a regular reader, but what the hell. Check out my artwork!

  • SteveC

    Here’s mine: scary reasoner.

    It’s made of atheistic rants (not even close to as polite as what’s found at Daylight Atheism), art I’m working on, thoughts about programming computers, politics, making wine, and food.

  • AUSHAS – University of Aberdeen Atheists and Secular Humanists

    AUSHAS is a brand new student society at the University of Aberdeen. For the time being the website pretty much just says what events are taking place, but there may be some blogging done by members in the future.

  • Anthroslug

    My blog, Anthroslug the Much Put-Upon is a blog about both the day-to-day working life of a professional archaeologist, as well as my take on the lack of critical thinking that goes on surrounding both religion and politics.

    I occassionaly write about breaking research, but mostly I write about the various things that a professional (non-academic) archaeologist has to contend with – oddball clients, weird regulations, chaos at regulatory agencies, having ot explain archaeology to people who don’t want to get it but have to for their project to move forward, and so on. I also frequently write about whatever irrationality happens ot have my dander up at any given moment.

  • Friar-Zero

    An author is a fool who, not content with boring those he lives with, insists on boring future generations.
    – Charles de Montesquieu

    My blog is “The Apple of Doubt” in which I discuss atheism, philosophy, politics, the GLBT movement, Kentucky Culture and Politics, and personal stuff. It’s a mixed bag so I don’t know if it qualifies here but atheism and godless morality is amongst my subjects.

  • Greta Christina

    Shameless self-promotion? You bet!

    Greta Christina’s Blog. “Sex, atheism, politics, dreams, and whatever. Thinking out loud since 2005.” I sometimes think of myself as the place where the atheist blogosphere and the sex blogosphere collide. My atheist writing veers between polite- but- firm criticism of religion and explorations of positive atheist philosophy, and I’m especially interested in godless philosophies about death. My sex writing… okay, I have no idea how to summarize my approach to sex, except to say that I’m generally in favor of it.

    I usually write with a chatty, conversational tone, and I care more about being clear than I do about conforming to Strunk and White. A recent post that I’m especially proud of: A Safe Place to Land: Making Atheism Friendly for The Deconverting. Come by and say howdy!

  • SuperHappyJen

    My blog has nothing to do with atheism, it just happens to be written by an atheist. I call it Super Happy Jen’s Super Happy Blog. Mostly just a bunch of stuff that happens in my life. I’m told my writing is quite amusing. Everyone read it! Make me famous!

  • David Moisan

    I started two blogs a few years ago, after thinking about it for a long time and reading a lot of blogs, realizing independently most of the same things Ebon talks about. My two blogs are
    David Moisan’s Blog, an IT blog, and A Salem Blog, a local blog.

    My first blog was technical; I wanted to post all the hard problems I solved in my work life, the ones I would google and only find items like “Oh, I have that problem too!” It’s moderately successful by my standards. I hate the echo chamber of a lot of tech blogs that just repeat the same stories over and over so I try not to do that unless I have actual hard experience to add such stories.

    My second blog is very local. It focuses on Salem, Massachusetts. I got to make it a photo blog, which is great. Did I say it was local? That’s one of the best hooks for a blog. Why join the crowd bleating and whining about Limbaugh, Pelosi, Bush, etc etc etc? It has opinion, but also some news since I sit on a town commission and get most of my blog ideas from meetings.

  • Maria

    My blog is whatever I feel like writing. I call it Chromium Oxide Green, and lately it has been a lot of art and modern classical music. There are some silly things about religion, and some alternately silly and horrifying things about politics, whatever fascinating insects I might encounter, and, when I have the time, longer philosophical posts. There is no cohesive topic, really, and I actually find it interesting to sometimes watch how the apparent topic changes over time.

  • psychodiva

    Well, definitely not in the same league as a lot of other blogs I tend to blog about women and children’s issues with religion and religious men :) I also put some of my art stuff on the blog and have been known to rant a little about something that really annoys me or sparks my interest- I don’t blog regularly enough to have an audience but come on over so I can get to know you and your blog :)

  • Janet Kwasniak

    I have a newish blog titled ‘Thoughts on Thoughts’ – go to
    The aim of the blog is prepare ordinary people for the neurobiological research advances that are happening or about to happen. People will have to learn a new way of thinking about themselves without mind-body dualism. The idea of free will is going to be especially difficult to deal with. I try to show that there are ways to live with the new scientific ideas. The central topic is: what exactly is consciousness?

  • Eshu

    Last Spring I realised that I had more to say than was reasonable to leave in comments on other atheist, agnostic or religious blogs. So I set up where I investigate other people’s beliefs, from the mainstream to the colourful and exotic.

    I try to give even the most unlikely sounding beliefs a fair hearing, but in order to take them seriously in the long run they need to provide some decent evidence. I’m far more interested in understanding why people believe what they do, rather than simply having a laugh at their expense. Mine is a blog for curious skeptics.

    Against my expectations my most popular post has been about “Orbs” – out of focus specks of dust which appear in photos and get superstitious types excited because they think it’s some kind of spirit visitor. I’ve also recently discussed alleged miracle healing and atheist/humanist evangelism. I post about once a week and welcome comments.

  • 1minion

    Whee! Shameless plug for One Minion’s Opinion which is mine.

    I started it up at the end of August and I doubt I have any regular readers yet. Best day was 56 views, except for the time CNN’s blog thing caught wind of a post and everyone and their dog had a look at it. That set me up for the whole month. Awesomeness.

    It’s atheist in leanings but I also hit on human rights and strange things. If I find a relevant book at the library (where I work) I’ll read it and give a rundown of what was interesting in it. I love books and recently posted about Buyology which was a fascinating rundown of how the brain relates to brands and Counterknowledge which focused on the misrepresentation of facts and how often it happens.

    I love movies too, so sometimes I’ll write about something I’ve seen (like Man from Earth. Hunt that one down if you want a short thinker movie).

    I’m also a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so I find excuses to bring it up whenever it fits the topic at hand.

    Have a look if this sounds interesting. And thanks in advance if you do!

  • vjack

    Okay, I’ll play. I think you are going for the longest comment thread ever here, so I don’t want to be left out!

    If I’m known for anything in the atheist blogosphere, it would be for my blog, Atheist Revolution. It has been going strong for a couple years and deals mostly with breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism in America. I also have a decidedly progressive political focus that will be evident from time-to-time.

    As an atheist living in Mississippi, I also do my part to help my fellow bible belt atheists realize that they are not alone. Thus, Mississippi Atheists is my most recent effort, a team blog written by Mississippi atheists to help other atheists in our state connect with each other and learn about what is going on in our region.

  • Robert Madewell

    On my blog Superstition Free, My main focus is with the superstitious aspects of religion and psuedoscience. I also occasionally post my coloring book style artwork.

  • Peter Magellan

    Well, I’m British, actually, and we don’t do shameless, but let’s have a go at the self-promotion bit and see how we go, eh?

    I started Effing the Ineffable (it’s a Douglas Adams reference; check the About page for details) over a year ago, but due to work and personal circumstances (blah, blah, blah…) I’ve not had the chance to update it as often as I’d like – though a dozen or so drafts are yet waiting to be polished and launched upon an unsuspecting public.

    The object of the exercise – mostly – is to present a positive alternative to religion – suggestions as to how we can live without religious belief and with a rational, naturalistic outlook while still living good, moral lives and having a damn good time. However, religious wingnuts being the constant source of amusement, irritation and general apoplectic marvel that they are, I must confess I sometimes let my tendency to sneer get the better of me.

    Do pop over and take a look. I commend to you in particular – well, all of it, obviously, though my most popular post is apparently “It’s a sign“, which is about an alternative to RD’s Scarlet A, featured in Ebon’s sidebar over there on the right.

    For some reason, many of my search engine references seem to come from people searching for “asexual”…

    Hmm. Looking back over this, it occurs to me that we British don’t seem to do self-promotion either. Or is it just me? Never mind, do come and visit anyway. The leap in stats caused by Ebon’s legions of readers will gladden my heart through a traumatic house move and a doubtless lonely and depressing Christmas. I promise to post more regularly in the new year.


  • abusedbypenguins

    I just like to read all of you as my writing ability is marginally adequate. The penguins (nuns) did abuse me because I would not conform and they kicked me out of parochial school when I was 8. Told my parents to take me away and not to bring me back. That was over 50 years ago. I have never believed in their nonsence and couldn’t figure out how anyone could. My brother really got into it until he went home one day and found a naked priest in his closet. The same priest who was the church marriage counsler that he and my sister-in-law had been seeing. At least that priest didn’t have a thing for alter boys. He now hates the catholic church. I just think they are all nuts and in need of therapy and medication. But what do I know.

  • Andrew T.

    It does feel a bit shameless for me to make my first post on the site in this particular thread, but oh well…

    I started to maintain a weblog as an outgrowth of a personal website four years ago; partially to vent my thoughts, partially to get my mind off the 2004 election results, and partially just to see if I could create a reasonable facsimile of an interface with only static pages and a text editor. Since I have multiple interests, the subject matter has admittedly veered to the eclectic side: It started off with a general mix of geeky stuff, local observations, rants about college, and so on. I eventually moved beyond college; dipped into music, hobbies, and other topics as well, and I’ve been in a political mood for the last two months.

    Incidentally, I stumbled across Daylight Atheism a winter ago when looking for information on the outcome of this case. I promptly spent a pair of days reading over the entire site, and I’ve been lurking regularly ever since!

    Although I am an atheist, I’ve written very little explicitly about that topic so far. I thank Adam/Ebonmuse for taking up the slack on that note: He’s someone that I see almost perfectly eye to eye with, and his posts never fail to be interesting to read.

  • Mandrellian


    -Son of a science teacher and ardent lover of nature, who once took my brothers and I out of school for 3 glorious weeks while we caravanned about South Australia’s West Coast, keeping daily journals of our activities and of the wild-life we encountered
    -Loving, no-bullshit mother removed us from sunday school upon hearing that we were being taught about Hell, something which still revolts her
    -Parents never forced religion (or non-religion) upon us, seem to have left it up to us for our entire lives
    -Began questioning religion at 7, beginning with Santa & Superman and moving upward from there
    -Brief period of devoutness between 14 and 15
    -Since then have always distrusted organised religion, a distrust which is daily validated
    -Lapsed into apathetic deism with a small spike of woo-woo between 19 and 22
    -Read Dawkins TGD in 2006 (thanks for the Chrissy present, ma). Far from making me an atheist, it merely crystallised what I already thought
    -Joined the atheoblogospherosphere of which I’m proud to be a part

    I also write as Hank at and am a frequent comment warrior there. Some say “suffer fools gladly”, I say “life is too short to tolerate idiots”.

    Screw “Happy Holidays”, I say Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

  • Virginia

    Dear …. do you accept promotion of Chinese sites here ?? :-)

  • Frozen Summers

    Well…. I run a music site – where I write, record and release a song every week.

    Some song you might want to check out include; Intelligent Falling, Unicorn and Eucharist. Which are about intelligent design, invisible pink unicorns and well, the Eucharist respectively.

    Alot of my songs have similar topics and themes that might interest readers.

    Oh, and they’re all free under a creative commons license….

  • yunshui

    Right To Think is the place to visit if you want to peruse my rants, reviews and (very) occasional philosophical gems – it’s also the home of the Non-Believing Literati book group.

  • Ebonmuse

    It’s an open thread, Virginia – all comers are welcome. :)

    And Andrew T: No need to be embarrassed. Part of the reason I created this thread was to draw lurkers into the comments. Sshh. :) (The other reason was to see what was out there – I really do like to find interesting new blogs.)

  • Chris Swanson

    You want shameless self-promotion? I’m your man! And since my blog owes its origins to your blog, this seems an apt place to do it!


    Go visit my blog!! Articles on atheism, sex, politics, movies and general obnoxiousness delivered with, at the very least, a smirk and occasionally a self-satisified grin!

    SEE! A recent article on Hell!
    MARVEL! A recent article on the Bible!
    DESPAIR! Overly-clever writting!

    Self-protionary enough for ya? :)

    Oh, and yes, my blog owes its existence to this one. I saw what a good job you’d done, how well-formated it is, and came to the realization that, hey, I can do that, too! So I did. :)

  • LiquidThinker

    Wow, just came across this, so here’s some shameful self-promotion, coming in a tad late. I do not consider myself near as good a writer as EbonMuse or many of the others, but I make what little contributions I can find time to squeeze out at at The Liquid Thinker. There’s a variety of topics I try to hit, pretty much based on what catches my interest, but the underlying themes include atheism (including its positive aspects), science (my background), technology, and a humanist approach towards living.

    On the atheism front, I used to be a Christian many years ago, and one of the ways in which many try to bring me back in the fold is pointing how many prophecies Jesus fulfilled. So, I have a kind of ongoing series I get to now and then on debunking those. The last one was here, so if you’re interested, feel free to check it out.

  • Modusoperandi

    It’s not a blog, but I write for a comedy/satire wiki because, um, I can put words together real good. Sometimes, I put words in front of other words, while on other occasions, I put them after. Language is awesome.
    People tell me that I’m all funny ‘n’ shit. Of course, half of all people are of below average intelligence, so, depending on my sample group, this might not reflect well on me.

  • Modusoperandi

    Also, I write on a wiki because I can edit after posting. Unlike here. There are some words in my previous post that I really, really want to change. Editing is my heroin and words are…also my heroin.

  • Modusoperandi

    Now I really want to delete both of my posts, as whoring pages makes me queasy. Damn you, interweb!

  • Ebonmuse

    Trying to monopolize the thread, eh, Modus? ;)

    I’d be happy to edit your comments if you e-mail me a corrected version of what you’d like to say.

  • Modusoperandi

    Thanks, but no. I’d just end up sending you another email later changing the changes. Wiki contributions truly are the digital path to OCD (“…must make it perfect…must make it perfect…must make it perfect…”).

  • Saganist

    All right, here you go. My blog Saganist is a place where I am exploring skepticism from the perspective of a non-believing member of the Mormon church living in Utah, because that’s where I now find myself. I talk about a variety of topics, many of which touch on Mormonism or Christianity in some way, but not all do. I call the blog Saganist because Carl Sagan has become a personal hero of mine along the way, and if I were ever tempted to start or join a religion, Saganism would probably be it. I try to post a Carl Sagan quote every Sunday.

  • Virginia

    My site is called

    I usually blog in Chinese, sharing various things. The latest subjects are about a set of videos in YouTube in debunking Creationist lies

  • Libby

    Brand new blog! I only have a few posts so far, but more are sure to come, on topics from atheism to politics to my own life. Please comment! I’m open to topic suggestions too.

  • Masks of Eris

    “Masks of Eris: a blog about random things.”

    “Er, that wasn’t very informative, was it?”

    “Well, I’m hoping the mystery will draw —”

    “Bollocks! Why not say it’s a mishmash of atheism, humor of varying degrees of badness, and attempts to explain Finland to outsiders?”

    “Because it sounds so trivial. And what about faith-based mathematics and the gerbil jokes?”

    “What gerbil jokes?”

    “I did a post — no, two posts! — about gerbils a year ago.”

    “Oh, you mean the naked mole rats!”

    “No, the gerbils! Gerbil apology part 2, remember?”

    “Never mind. You’re never going to get any visitors by flaunting one-off gerbil jokes.”

    “What about cow jokes? Creeping cows?”

    “Never mind. Let’s not advertise ourselves — wait, what ourselves? Why am I arguing with myself again? And why am I losing?”

  • Buffy

    The Gaytheist Agenda is my blog where I discuss GLBT and atheist matters, and unmask RRRW intolerance and subterfuge. I admit lately my posts have been very focused on LGBT concerns in light of the Proposition 8 battle but I’m normally more balanced between that and atheism. Probably one of my most useful posts has been “One Issue Voters” . It’s always at the ready for those who want to claim that people who vote for/against a politician based on LGBT rights concerns are “One Issue Voters”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • John Burgeson

    This is a general invitation to visit

    which is my site. It has been up for about 5 years.

    I am a committed Christian who spends a good deal of time in combat with the “religious right,” Rush Limbaugh, “Young Earthers,” and the like. They are an embarassment to my faith.

    This is an interesting blog.


  • Yvette

    Hey, Blue Linchpin here. I’m a lurker. ;)

    I love shameless promotion!

    I’ve been writing my blog on and off since I was sixteen, two years ago. I’m a proud atheist (okay, only proud online…) and my general blogging subjects tend to be: atheism, America, capitalism, Communism, racism, sexism, intolerance, body images, consumer culture, Christianity and religion, vegetarianism, and sometimes videogames.

    I’m a news junkie, vegetarian, Communist, pacifist, atheist, and damn dirty liberal. ;)

    My blog used to get quite a bit of activity so now I feel a little lonely. *sniff*

  • Sam

    Hey everyone,

    I’m late for this open thread because I’ve been bombarded with schoolwork (and am currently procrastinating by being on DA), but I’m ecstatic for the chance to promote my blog.

    I only have a few entries so far, but after finals next week, I’ll be completely up and running with it.

    I’ve started this blog primarily because I’m embarrassed I have not taken action on behalf of all atheists. We can’t let ourselves be trampled over, and the only way that can happen is if we DO something rather than sit back and wait for someone else to do it.

    My blog is

    Please visit, read my entry on why I’m writing, and comment if you will. I’d greatly appreciate knowing I’ve reached someone, as a couple people have already assured me. It feels amazing every time someone comments or promises to read, for I know my blog will affect someone.

    Thank you very much.


  • Ebonmuse

    I think this is enough shameless self-promotion for now. :) I’ll definitely do another of these in the future, but I’m closing this thread. Thanks to everyone who contributed – there are quite a few interesting blogs here that are new to me.