Announcements and Miscellany

• Daylight Atheism reader Juan Felipe has completed Spanish translations of two more Ebon Musings essays, “La sombra del cambio” (Shadow of Turning), and “Un juego de trile cósmico” (The Cosmic Shell Game). Please check them out and be sure to thank him for his fine work. And if you’re interested in joining the effort to translate, into Spanish or any other language, please e-mail me and let me know.

Also, I have two announcements I was asked to pass along:

• First, Q Transmissions, a skeptical talk radio show from Canada, is sponsoring a contest for atheist-themed songs. Musically inclined freethinkers have until January 2 to send in an entry in MP3 or video format. Please follow the link for more information. (I rather like Chumbawumba’s “Charlie“, myself.)

• Next, nonbelievers who hail from Ireland may be interested in Atheist Ireland, a new freethought advocacy group active in the Emerald Isle. Again, visit their website for discussion forums and more information about their mission.

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