Announcements and Miscellany

• Daylight Atheism reader Juan Felipe has completed Spanish translations of two more Ebon Musings essays, “La sombra del cambio” (Shadow of Turning), and “Un juego de trile cósmico” (The Cosmic Shell Game). Please check them out and be sure to thank him for his fine work. And if you’re interested in joining the effort to translate, into Spanish or any other language, please e-mail me and let me know.

Also, I have two announcements I was asked to pass along:

• First, Q Transmissions, a skeptical talk radio show from Canada, is sponsoring a contest for atheist-themed songs. Musically inclined freethinkers have until January 2 to send in an entry in MP3 or video format. Please follow the link for more information. (I rather like Chumbawumba’s “Charlie“, myself.)

• Next, nonbelievers who hail from Ireland may be interested in Atheist Ireland, a new freethought advocacy group active in the Emerald Isle. Again, visit their website for discussion forums and more information about their mission.

And finally, this was a parody too good not to share (HT: Positive Liberty):

Church Sign War

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  • abusedbypenguins

    Medication adjustment is in order either that or these people are way too wacked for medication to do any good. But that isn’t as bad as all the people who attend these churches on a regular basis and actually believe in all this crap. It was those people who voted for bush/cheney and who aren’t any different than the hard working, patriotic citizens who voted for hitler in Germany many years ago and who swallowed the same lies about the same kind of enemy that would do harm to the country/economy. If only they would look into a mirror and see where the problem really is.

  • Eric

    There’s an episode of The Twlight Zone that agrees with the Catholics. A man wandering through the early stages of the afterlife meets a stranger who promises him great things. He accepts the stranger’s offer until he finds out he can’t bring his huntin’ dawg. He wanders some more until he meets another stranger who accepts the dog. That second stranger was St. Peter.

    Best sign war like this in Houston is between a Cajun and Afghan restaurant on Richmond. Cajun place is art of Pappas Group, uptight and corporate. Afghan place is a law unto itself. Best sign war in town.

    BTW, Pappas Group may own companies wherever you live in the US. Restaurant management might be Houston’s fourth biggest export behind oil products, heavy construction/war profiteering, and biotech.

  • Alex Weaver

    I’m seriously considering registering All Rocks Go to Heaven as a blog name. :3

  • Desiree Schell

    Thanks so much for the mention. :)

    Q Transmissions

  • Brad

    Of course not all rocks go to heaven. Those that do the bidding of Satan, helping convince God’s children they are but animals and barbarics, are surely damned to flow as magma in the orange rivers of hell!

  • Joffan

    For those not in the know, those church signs are faked for the purpose of the joke. Just to avoid any excess of mouth-froth.

  • nfpendleton

    A rock only qualifies for heaven if it has been used for a holy purpose, such as acting as the foundation of a building site warred over for centuries, or if it has been used in the stoning of an adulterer or prostitute.

  • Jesse

    Juan Felipe, thank you for your continued translation work!