New Post on Dangerous Intersection

I’ve put up a new post on Dangerous Intersection, “A 24-hour news network lineup I’d like to see“.

This is an open thread.

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  • Steve Bowen

    Chuck in an hour of political satire just before the light music and I’ll tune in :)

  • Adam

    While I like the idea of the “National Podium” show, I think the “one time only” restriction is a bit much. Perhaps the rule could be: “No one should ever appear on this show more than once to discuss the same topic.”

  • Gary

    I was worried this would be all atheism, all the time!

    A channel like you’re proposing would get me to battle the dust bunnies collecting on my remote and watch TV again. I could see many viewers being a bit bored by the 4 hours of science and debunking, so maybe Steve’s idea of political satire would be a good idea. That would go along well with the Fact Check program. Nonetheless I’d definitely love to see a dedicated “recent science” show somewhere on TV. I would frequently tune in for the informed debate show as well.

  • Jennifer A. Burdoo

    I love it. The Daily Show already does “On The Record.”

  • Viridiana Garcia

    I believed in god most of my life. I relied on him, but too much faith caused me to hate him, and that’s when i decided to become Atheist. After asking him for so many miracles and not seen at least one happened. I convenced myself there was no god. It all depends on you.