Winner of the 2009 3QD Science Prize

I’m thrilled to announce that 3 Quarks Daily has officially chosen the winners of their 2009 Science Prize, and their first-place award, the Top Quark, has gone to Daylight Atheism!

Here’s what 3QD’s celebrity judge, Professor Steven Pinker, had to say:

Daylight Atheism’s Bands of Iron is my top pick. He starts with an something that attracts your attention purely on aesthetic grounds – stripes in a rock. He invokes it with deep, non-obvious, yet understandable principles, at the same time illuminating one of the most interesting phenomena in science – the coevolution of early life and the planet Earth –with a nod to a current issue for good measure.

Considering the quality of the competition, I’m amazed and humbled by this award. It’s truly an honor. My deepest thanks to Prof. Steven Pinker, the editors of 3 Quarks Daily, and everyone who voted for me!

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About Adam Lee

Adam Lee is an atheist writer and speaker living in New York City. His new novel, City of Light, is available in paperback and e-book. Read his full bio, or follow him on Twitter.

  • nullifidian

    Congrats! A well-deserved accolade.

  • 2-D Man

    Congratulations again, Ebon.
    It’s good to see your talent as a writer appreciated.

  • Adele

    That’s so exciting! Congratulations!

  • Peter Magellan

    Very well deserved! Congratulations, Adam. And good luck with The Book, too… :-)

  • Domyan

    Well done! You certainly deserve the credit. Not just for that one post but almost anything you write is of the highest standard.

  • James Koran

    I have to agree, top notch writing and Congratulations!

  • Jerryd

    I couldn’t agree more with the results. Keep up the great writing, you will surely receive many more. Congratulations!

  • Bunk

    Well done! I voted for you in spite of my being a huge fan of PZ and Phil Plait. That post was simply outstanding and deserved the honor!

  • Peter

    I remember reading Bands of Iron when you first published it. The award is well deserved. It really is typical of the excellent writing that has made Daylight Atheism one of my favorites.

  • SuperHappyJen

    Yeah! Congratulations!

  • pendens proditor

    Bands of Iron is still one of my favorite blog posts of all time. Congratulations.

  • Juan Felipe

    Congratulations Adam! Hope to see post like that on the future

  • cl

    Congratulations, Adam. I always did think you were a great writer, and I complimented Bands of Iron in its thread when you first wrote it. It really is a well-written piece.

  • Dave


  • Leum

    Yay! Ebon haz wun preiz!

  • PaulJ

    Heartfelt congrats – especially as I voted for Bands of Iron…

    (Permission to feel smug? – me, I mean)

  • Spanish Inquisitor

    Congrats, Adam. Well deserved.

    And now I have yet another site to read too!

  • Andreas

    Congratulations! That’s a great honor!

  • Lynet

    Congratulations. I did wonder, when it was chosen for the final few, if the lyricism of that one might not just catch someone’s eye. Lovely to see that it did!

  • BlackSun

    When I first read that post, it took my breath away. I’m glad a lot of other people agree. Well deserved!

  • jack

    Well deserved! No doubt your book will make an even bigger splash.

  • Petrucio

    Dude, you Rock! (haha, I kill myself)


  • Karen

    How wonderful! Congratulations on the richly deserved recognition.

    There’s nothing we need more than popularizers of science who can reach out with their words and bring what might otherwise be dull or difficult to life. You do it beautifully, so bravo!

  • Steve Bowen

    Marvellous! Well done and very well deserved.

  • Steve Bowen

    BTW any update on your book?

  • Mike

    Wow, congratulations!

  • velkyn

    How well deserved! From one who has been wtih DA since the beginning, I’m glad it has garnered even more recognition.

  • mikespeir

    Wow, what an honor! I mean, when Steven Pinker takes note of you….

    Congrats, Ebon!

  • Wayne Essel


  • Greta Christina

    Congratulations! Completely deserved. I am jealous in the best possible way. This totally rocks.

  • Maynard

    A derserved award for a great post. Congrats!

  • gistgrant

    Congrats man! As Greta, I often point people to both Daylight and Ebon Musings. Love your work!

  • WhySharksMatter

    Congratulations! I’m pretty happy with the “strange quark”, personally. It seems… fitting.

  • Kourou

    Well done, Adam! And well-earned!

  • MS Quixote

    Outstanding, Ebon. Congratulations! Well done, and well deserved…

  • TommyP

    Awesome, I was hoping that you would win. I’ve shared that story with a number of people who were amazed at the depths of time in our Earth’s past. The look in their eyes was one of wonder, thanks for sharing that.

  • no2religion

    Cool! Way Cool! Congrats!

  • Caiphen

    Yep Ebon, you deserve it. I haven’t come across another website even close to the standard of this one.