New on Ebon Musings: Some Mistakes of Scripture

New on Ebon Musings: Some Mistakes of Scripture November 3, 2009

I realize I haven’t updated Ebon Musings much this year. Between writing for Daylight Atheism, work-related responsibilities, and other projects, I just haven’t had as much time to write longer essays as I’d like to. But I don’t intend to let Ebon Musings go dormant. I’ve still got plenty of things to say, and as proof, I’ve uploaded a new essay: Some Mistakes of Scripture.

This deals with a topic I find very interesting: biblical misquotes. As opposed to biblical contradictions, where two verses simply tell different versions of the facts or advocate different theological opinions, without reference to each other, there are parts of the Bible where one verse tries to cite another, but gets its source wrong – either by bungling the reference, by citing a nonexistent verse, or by egregiously misinterpreting what the cited verse is saying. In short, this essay is about the times when the Bible gets the Bible wrong.

This is an open thread. Do you know any mistakes of the Bible that I left out? Let me know about them!

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