Photo Sunday: American Grandeur

Snow on the Teton Range, Jackson, Wyoming, September 2006. Photo credit: Jerry Donnelly.

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  • Caiphen

    Gotta love it. I wanna go there. I was going to South Africa next year but you guys are slowly changing my mind. I, a poor Aussie boy, reckon you should be proud of your country.

  • Daryl

    What is amazing is that before I was an Atheist, I just saw the mountains and the horses and the grass, but now I also “wonder” in amazement of all the underlying life that supports that ecosystem, to the small bugs all the way down to the micro organisms. Also the mountains and how they were formed, the atmosphere that allows the snow caps. The wonder is limitless. My eyes have been opened and I am grateful. How can anyone think that the bible is wonderful when you have all this.