Photo Sunday: Pharaoh Lake Sunrise

This week’s guest contributor says:

“This is why it pays to rise with the sun. Very few people are blessed with the experience of a wilderness sunrise such as this gem. After a morning like this, the world cannot help but seem a miraculous place.”

Sunrise, Pharaoh Lake, Adirondack State Park. Photo credit: Jim Sabiston, Essential Light Photography. (Visit his site!)

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  • the chaplain

    Stunning photo.

  • Opethian_Days

    reminds me of blind river ontario :)

  • Erika


  • Caiphen

    When you see a photo like this you again realise life’s too short.

  • Caiphen

    I thought I’d share this from the land of my father. If you’re into gazing at african wildlife this is the website for you

    It’s well worth the view.

  • Jerryd

    This photo is gorgeous. Thanks for the link to your site and the amazing photos that emerge, each lovelier than the next. Nature’s beauty has rarely been displayed so perfectly.

  • Jennifer

    Fantastic photo. Reminds me a bit of my Outward Bound solo overlooking the ocean from a cliff in Maine. It too was amazing to wake up to, and there was so much to see even though nothing was “happening.”

  • Jim Sabiston

    Thank you for the great comments everyone. I put a lot of effort into capturing these scenes and appreciate the feedback. Please leave a note in the Guestbook if you go to my website. I will be offering more work for Photo Sunday in the future to share with everyone.

    Thanks again!